Horses 🐴 - Hollywood

@PorkyBelly and I said we’ll take whatever has never before been scene by the public

Garibaldi to start the party

My three favorite bites

off menu shmoff menu


still in soft opening, pizzas are thin like flat bread, don’t expect any tomato sauce. while they expand the garden menu, pro move is to bang bang the garden and horses, grab some snacks and a pizza outside then go inside and finish with a burger and hen.

favorite bites
beef carpaccio
blueberry panna cotta
deviled eggs
warm dates
squash, basil, bottarga pizzette

chips and herbs

deviled eggs, tonnato and cantabrian anchovy

warm dates with sobrassada

beef carpaccio on lavash with harry’s bar vinaigrette

tallegio, castelvetrano, marjoram

concord grapes, pecorino, rosemary, honey

late summer squash, basil, bottarga

garden pie, scamorza, ham, add burrata

(off menu) herman

blueberry panna cotta


Are they completely separate menus or is there overlap?

they are separate menus with a few overlaps: oysters, salads, prosciutto and melon, and tiramisu.


We need a Ben appearance on Air Jordan


What do [sic] each of you think is the best seat in the house?

… D3 is low-key one of the best bar stools. You get to sit next to Ben and also you can see the kitchen, too. Ben is a regular who comes in every single night.

And Ben sits at D2?

LJ: D1. We save the seat for him every night.

WA: We inherited him from [former tenants] the Pikey. And the Pikey inherited him from Ye Coach & Horses. He lives a block away.

LJ: He’s just the best guy ever.