How Instagram Is Ruining the Sushi Market in NYC

The truth(s) in this article make me just a tad nuts :slight_smile: SO much pretension. And the more it costs the better. And taking minutes to take a photo. It’s a friggin’ meal, people. I take photos of a lot of food I eat or cook. It’s done in seconds. I never stand up. Usually the bottom of the plate is cut off because I’m just sitting there. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh :smile:

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The window to eat a perfect piece of sushi is three seconds.

Baloney. I defy anyone to prove three-second uni is better than five-second uni.

But what about three MINUTE uni?

You a supply the uni and I volunteer to prove you right.


What we need is a fried chicken nigiri. What’s not to like about chicken and rice?

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I’m waiting for the unicorn colored nigiri, with activated charcoal rice, topped with matcha powder and fruity pebbels.


IG worthy indeed :joy:

Bonus points if this is also a play on molecular gastronomy: the fruity pebbles taste like uni and the matcha powder tastes like corn.

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I just need to inhale the foamy essence of this. #myagentsaysso

Sometimes I think the Japanese just make stuff up.