I made bread - SUCCESSFULLY - for the very first time!


I’m a Southern Gal so loved it. But we’re in our 70s and glad to not have to shovel. I’d rather bake bread :slight_smile:


You should try this recipe


Their book is also nice with many varieties of bread, e.g. flours etc

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Thanks a ton! I can’t believe, as a senior citizen, that I’m finally making BREAD :slight_smile:

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I dont shovel .lol .You’ll never keep up with it. Parked at the beginning of the driveway .


Our friends who live at Shasta have nabes who keep a snow mobile at the beginning/end of their drive. Leave their car there. Makes a ton of sense to me. We had a guy who did our parking deck which is right by the road. Shasta it seems is much more primitive. Happy baking, em.

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The hidden winter wonderland. We don’t even have a doughnut shop here. Lol.

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Wow! That looks lovely!

(Yay you!)

And thanks too for the heads up on TJ’s seasoning, I will pick up a bottle and try that for my next batch.

And yes, the speed of timing is a big difference in day to day possibilities. Mostly, I can plan for an overnight rise. And do. But some days I have no time and yet want fresh bread. When that happens - that recipe to the rescue!

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So happy for you!

(And isn’t it fun?!)

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Please talk to me about this, my friends. xoc


Your bread was still good after 8 days??? What the f*ck am I doing wrong w/ my bread? Argh.

I vaguely recall Nancy Silverton saying somewhere that turns the cut side down… And maybe puts it in a brown paper bag? Do an internet search to verify.

Do Le Creusets have a lifetime warranty? Might be worth checking.

A lower cost dutch oven should work just fine. I think Lodge and Staub get mentioned a lot (although is Staub cheaper?). And don’t forget the Le Creuset outlet (and I found some Le Creuset at Home Goods in Encino!!!).

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Yes, they do. I heard it’s a pain in the butt to get thru to them to get a replacement. Mine is in storage right now, but I intend on doing something about it soon. I was tempted to buy a Lodge dutch oven (love my lodge CI skillet) for $50 at World Market but I know I’ll never get around to returning the Le Creuset if I do that, so…


Gjusta sells a waxed canvas bread bag so you can store their bread on your counter. I’m sure you could find something similar online.

Personally I freeze the bread I make, due to work ect so it doesn’t go stale and to waste


You’re clearly what I affectionately call a “flatlander.” You must keep up with it. When we had big storms we were out shoveling multiple times a day. If we didn’t then it would freeze and then we’d have to break up ice. And make bread :slight_smile:

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Yea I use my flatlanders knowledge. I know someone with a frontloader. Situation taken care of in 2 hrs . Shovel , surely you jest . :rofl:


We had someone with a “blower” on a “Bobcat” for the parking deck. But we had walks, stairs and a back deck that had to be “shoveled.” And then we (didn’t) make bread :slight_smile:


Tweaked a tiny bit more on the faux-focaccia. Put a fair amount of grated Parm on the dough, just before baking, then brushed with Meyer lemon olive oil and chopped rosemary. It’s even better. I’ll take a loaf of that to our flight attendants next Sunday night to Norway.


Gave one of the above to the flights attendants on Norwegian Air for our nine hours from Oakland to Gatwick. They loved it. And one night we went to dinner and Bob commented that the bread was good but NOT AS GOOD AS MINE!!! LOL.


Made a different recipe. Supposedly real foccacia. I was convinced I’d be throwing it in the trash as it had an insane - IMO - amount of oo. But it’s good.


That is also the bread I learned to make bread for the first time with, just a month or so ago! I used a 2-quart Pyrex bowl.

I also made a black sesame loaf (not as much sesame flavor as I’d hoped) and a Chinese sausage loaf (A+).

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Wow. Could you talk about the Chinese sausage bread please?

BTW, that foccacia we just haven’t liked all that much.

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