I need to say a few things about CROISSANTS

Straight up classic croissant at Proof Bakery is hard to beat, and the Za’atar Crème Fraiche croissant at Proof is the next best thing from Ma’s hands and oven.

And speaking of Asian kitchen elves, the Kimchi Spam croissant from Sugarbloom Bakery is awesome because Sharon is the best thing from Taiwan since the export of beef rolls.

And that favorite nutty croissant - the Almond one? I give you the almond creation at Little Flower Candy.


I’ve had those at Cafe Demitasse in Little Tokyo, and I totally agree.

I have a croissant from Chaumont every time I go to Beverly Hills and it is always a true pleasure. Easily my favorite I’ve had in America, and the Pain Chocolats are often nearly as wonderful. Never been to Proof but heard great things, and as I adore almond croissants but find the one at Chaumont just ok, I’ll have to check out Little Flower Candy some time, maybe before a noon kickoff at the Rose Bowl.

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Just had it again this morning. Working in Santa Monica near the Promenade has its many downsides, but the main positive is being next to Demitasse and feasting on Sugarbloom treats.

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I think I’ve had croissants twice at Proof? I thought Chaumont was better.

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Just went to Proof 2 months ago. Still the best croissant in SoCal (heck all of California I dare say).

My “Best croissant in the world”, though? It’s in Japan.

(initiate triangulation sequence…).

How many miles from Tokyo Station?

Let’s do this “Modern Bafuku”-style :slight_smile: It’s a 25 minute combined walk/transit from Nihonbashi (the old school “Center” of all Japan), to the west-southwest.

Thing about Proof bakery’s croissant is that it can be really great if fresh but if you don’t time it right, it’s just average. I don’t know if this concept applies to all croissants but never encountered this problem in Paris.

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