I want merguez

I want merguez.

where do you like

Hadar on Fairfax

Pick up some harissa too.

Simon’s Cafe in Sherman Oaks has it (or, at least, used to).

Can u have merged w/o harissa ?

Is radar market or restaurant ?


Hadar is a market.

Sorry, sir.

I wanted mergiuez ready to eat.

Revolutionario had a good merguez sandwich, but I haven’t been in a few months so I don’t know if they still have it on the menu.


loos very good. and good portion

It is really good and he’s very generous with the portion size. But IIRC the chef was trying not to do it when USC was in session because it put him in the weeds. Totally worth checking out Chef Zadi’s North African tacos in either case.

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Sadly, Simon’s is closed.

Oh, no! Did the son’s replacement (Mizlala) also close? Simon’s was a gem (but the location was so, SO bad).

What does that mean exactly? Like he spends too much time making it and ignores everything else?

Pretty much… Revolutionario is great. Well oiled machine it is not.


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it close. milzla open

Gjusta in Venice has a merguez sandwich. Haven’t tried it yet but I think @Chowseeker1999 has.

PSA: the merguez sausage at Belcampo is fuckin amazing.

That is delicious. Basically it is the incredible falefel sandwich but with protein (and a very delicious protein at that), instead of carbs.



I should have updated. I had Gjusta’s merguez sandwich 3-4 weeks ago. While it was good, I was hoping for more. The sausage seemed a little dry - it wasn’t dripping with red fat like most lamb merguez. I need to try it again.

Hi @bulavinaka,

The one we had wasn’t dry, and it was juicy, but not dripping with lamb fat! :wink: The one from Revolutionario was juicier, had more lamb drippings. :slight_smile:

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