Instacart versus Amazon Prime Now versus Mercato

I agree wi. I seldom buy canned tuna, but when purchasing canned sardines, I would always choose olive oil over water.

My bland tuna was in olive oil and also listed salt on the label. It was regular olive oil, however, not extra virgin. I don’t know if the extra virgin would have made it tastier.

They probably use cheaper tuna with cheaper olive oil. Though expensive tuna doesn’t necessarily have more flavor, I think some of it is prized for its texture.

Wild Planet canned tuna is not water-packed. There’s nothing in the can but tuna and salt.

For me, it’s certainly about the texture and taste. For me, fancier tuna is firmer, meatier and clean tasting…

Good experience with Instacart today. Got everything except toilet paper (of course), bread flour (of course), and lap cheong (seriously?), and all substitutions were appropriate.

For each item, I chose specific substitutions or “Don’t replace this item.” For the bread flour, I also added a note “Only BREAD flour.” The guy still texted to ask if he should substitute all-purpose. I guess next time I’ll say “Only BREAD flour. No all-purpose or gluten-free.”

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Our son got a Costco/Instacart order yesterday within two hours of placing it. (Costa Mesa, CA). It’s all about how many people Instacart has working and how quickly they complete their orders. Obviously also about how many orders they are getting.

That post inspired me to look at Costco on Instacart. No toilet paper, flour, or beans, but Pellegrino (max. 5 cases), tuna (max. 1 of each type), Reggiano, mozzarella, and Gruyere, all of which we’re low on or out of. They had a choice of two-hour or five-hour windows, I chose the latter since there’s no rush.

That’s why I liked my visit the other day to Eataly - although I didn’t buy any, I could have taken as much tuna as I wanted (they were well stocked) and as much bottled water. No toilet paper though, although I did manage a week or so ago to procure toilet paper from Costco in NYC. Maybe the East Coast is better stocked with toilet paper.

Eataly’s on Instacart.

We’ve got a big box of industrial-size toilet paper rolls.

Eataly doesn’t have its entire inventory on Instacart. Very limited inventory there.

Choosing the Instacart “fast and flexible” delivery option for my local Costco has twice now resulted in faster delivery than choosing a scheduled window. I put in an order today at 9:00 and it was here at 11:30.

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When algorithms go wrong: no Instacart, I do not believe that uncured black forest ham is a proper replacement for paper napkins.


When wiping the corners of your mouth after a meal with a piece of ham is actually an upgrade… ;-D


Homer J. Simpson would disagree :drooling_face:


It seems that life is back to normal, at least for the moment.

Earlier today I placed a Whole Foods/Amazon Prime Now order in New York; everything was in stock and delivery slots were available in three hours, and everything arrived just as ordered. Just now placed a Ralphs/Instacart order in L.A. and got a delivery slot within 2 hours. Hopefully no weird substitutions with Instacart.

I’m assuming Instacart has hired more people, although I think more people are in markets themselves now too. We got a Costco Instacart order (South OC) in 4 hours yesterday. 14 items and the only sub was Kirkland 12 year old scotch for the regular one. Price was $40 instead of $20 and we didn’t get a sub request … but I didn’t know they had the 12 year old, which gets far better reviews anyway.

I went to our local Albertsons myself at 7:00 this morning and all but one person (staff AND shoppers) was wearing a mask. Still no sanitary wipes out front but everything else was really well organized. The only inventory issues I noticed were flour and garlic. The produce guy said they can’t get it. Gilroy has it in the fiends but can’t get people to pick it. :o(

I’m so long on garlic it’s ridiculous. Instacart delays resulted in my getting some from three sources, then the fresh stuff started showing up in my CSA boxes.


beautiful! I like the hard necks when i can find 'em

I recently started using Imperfect Foods and am really happy with it. The name makes the concept obvious - grocery delivery with products that didn’t meet high cosmetic standards and would otherwise be thrown out. Still, the imperfections are pretty minor and in many cases not noticeable.

I am most impressed by the quality of all the products. Imperfect Foods offers produce, meat and seafood, and I was really curious to see how the last one would fare. I ordered some scallops - I believe they were about $9.99 for a pound. The quality was incredible, and as good as scallops from Whole Foods. While most of the pieces were broken, I was shocked at how fresh they tasted.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of my delivery, but so far it’s off to a great start.


That’s largely marketing.