"Instant" noodles that you have to boil for four minutes: threat or menace

Yes it is. Have you even had A-Sha??

Don’t argue with robert. He’s on a roll today. :slight_smile:


The ones in the photo above aren’t instant. They make instant noodles too. Momofuku does not.

You go make up alternate narratives as you please …


Eat facts.


:joy::joy::joy:. Your own pic proves it.

Don’t try to reappropriate instant noodles definitions under your own terms.


When noodles are labeled “instant,” the cooking instructions are to pour boiling water over them, no stove or pot or strainer or sink needed, so you can make them in a dorm room or office with just a kettle. Do you have some other definition?

The A-Sha Hakka Thick Cut noodles are not labeled instant.

Gosh you’re right. I guess it’s not instant since it doesn’t explicitly state it’s instant. Can’t put one over you.


all the definitions I’ve seen (because Google) -instant noodles are cooked then dryed and this seems to fall into that camp. But even if doesn’t fit the definition who gives a… I don’t think we need to come up with a separate category of ‘not instant but still very fast’ noodle?

The more pressing question where to get some of these locally? Shin ramen, Champagetti and nissin i recognize but the others i wouldn’t know where to get.


If I took a package of “instant noodles” to the office for lunch and found that I needed to boil and drain them, I’d be shit out of luck.

Modern instant noodles were created by Momofuku Ando in Japan. They were first marketed on 25 August 1958 by Ando’s company, Nissin, under the brand name Chikin Ramen. Ando developed the entire production method of flash frying noodles from processes of noodle-making, steaming, seasoning, to dehydrating in oil heat, creating the “instant” noodle. This dried the noodles and gave them a longer shelf life, even exceeding that of frozen noodles. Each noodle block was pre-seasoned and sold for 35 yen. The instant noodles became ready to eat in just two minutes by adding boiling water …

Dude give it a rest, you seem to have an incessant need to be right or impose your definition even if you don’t have an understanding of the topic at hand.

‘Instant’ does not solely refer to the method required to cook the noodles. The term instant noodles (or variation of this term in the local language) are generically used in Asia for dried noodles (as pictured above) with seasoning packages that can be prepared quickly, typically under 5 minutes whereas the traditional dish would typically significantly longer to prepare ie. Laksa/Curry/Tom Yum stocks. The concentrated liquid or powder form seasoning sachet included in the package attempt to ‘instantly’ recreate a traditional noodle dish (soup or dry) in short order. Additionally the prep requires minimal cookware - no more than a pot of boiling water or pot with boiling water. And yes its common for little kids in Asia to be taught to drain hot water in instant noodle preps, something which is apparently a monumental challenge for certain adult individuals on this site.

Please stop derailing this discussion. Go start another thread if you want to do a deep dive into your
definition on instant noodles.


You’re the one with the eccentric definition of instant noodles, according to which “boil four minutes” is the same as “pour boiling water over.” Even Evan Funke might think those were too al dente.

If the distinction doesn’t matter to you, that’s fine, but it matters to anyone who actually need instant noodles. I made a special trip to Target because reviews were calling the Momofuku noodles “instant.”

Seriously go start another thread to to discuss the definition of instant noodles and call out the flagrant misuse you’ve observed. This thread was not created for that intent.


It’s not causing trouble for anyone for me to point out which of the products posted in this topic are not in fact instant. It’s your insisting otherwise that’s cluttering things up.

What we really want to know is, did you return your cart to the corralle?


That Target doesn’t have a corral. Or a chorale.

my spell checker refused to show me the right spelling. I’m not about to go look up a word when I service I’ve used on operating systems for years suddenly becomes unreliable. That’s for suckers.


Jumped in late to this thread, but one thing I picked up is that A-Sha noodles are probably pretty tasty. I don’t personally care if they’re instant, quick, or sluggish: I took a screen shot from Robert’s post of the package and will look for them at the local 99-Ranch Market.

same, actually. :slight_smile:

I bought some of the Momofuku noodles because I trust David Chang and I’d made a special trip to Target and spent 15 minutes finding them, but I have yet to cook them since they’re no less work than the several other kinds of pasta in the cupboard.