International Formula for a hip/hot restaurant

Must have.

  • Sparse Nordic style plating
  • Foie gras dish
  • Uni
  • Raw fish dish - crudo, carpaccio, ceviche or something similar. Most popular fish yellow tail or tuna
  • Cocktail program
  • Grilled Octopus
  • Shaved truffle
  • Farm to table ingredients
  • Wagyu

Just like big city main street anywhere. LV , Chanel, Ferragamo, Coach, Hermes…


Did you mean to put this in some particular geographical area? And I completely don’t understand the final line of your post. Help???

Meant to apply universally across the globe.


Similar to any main street shopping district in any part of the world. All the standard ‘luxury’ stores will be represented. It all begins to look and feel the same…

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But that’s not good, is it?

Don’t forget the tomahawk chop or huge shareable porterhouse.

Maybe a truffle pasta as a supplement.

And the crudos aren’t just hamachi anymore they’re kanpachi, possibly with a citrus or tropical fruit snow, granita, etc.

And a modern dashi that may be overcooked. And yuzu.

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Shishito peppers and avocado toast need to be on there.

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Forgot dish topped with fried egg.

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That’s kind of the point of the post. It’s all homogenized.

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NOW I get it!!!

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Also has to have a fabulous bar and drinks . With a great bartender and ambiance . Along with servers who can tell you all about the food and serve you in a professional manner .


Thanks . Politically correct .

Well, the waiter/waitress thing has always seemed silly to me. We don’t have doctor-esses or lawyer-esses. But somehow “server” seems more descriptive. Just me.

I suppose one must pay for bread?

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The word “curated” appears in multiple places on menu and other media.

Also, extremely active social media presence (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) - and well-connected PR / marketing.

But of course! And there’s a choice of butters/spreads for the breads (at an additional charge).

Hipster buzzwords:

Artisan, hand-crafted, sustainable, organic, single origin

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All of the new/hip restaurants seem to have a horizontal wood element to them, many times reclaimed. My brother-in-law, a former contractor, has a technical term for it. He calls it HDSW, or hipster doofus sideways wood.