Is Punjabi Dhaba a chain or ...?

Is Punjaba Dhaba a chain or is it just a generic name that a lot of independent Indian truck stops use?


East Point, GA:

Dixon, CA:

Hammond, LA: Punjabi Dhaba Indian Cuisine

Alvord, TX:

I can’t speak for all the Punjabi Dhabas but the Bakersfield one is a standalone- we asked when we visited

Like Joe’s Pizza or Northern Cafe… #CostsTooMuchToLawyerUp #EatAtJoes

I’m thinking it’s just a generic name. “Dhaba” means roadside restaurant / truck stop. The majority of India’s Siks live in Punjab and Punjabi is the most commonly spoken language among Sikhs.

There is one in Cambridge, MA that isn’t on any kind of truck route.

Maybe not a chain, but do you remember the So Cal Cambodian Donut Shops?