Is this the 101 list for 2020?

Hmmm… I think it is :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:


providence and p+p with the snub

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I wanna see the reasoning since Now Serving is on that list. I love Now Serving but it’s not a restaurant

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Lucky Boy on the list? :thinking:


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Might be an incomplete list or wrong list since a couple of places are listed twice

Seems like a plausible list given what Addison and Escárcega wrote about since the last one.

Probably not a finished list, since there seems to be a lot of duplicate places in different areas such as Sun Nong Dan or Kra Z Kai Laotian.

Porridge and Puffs?

Those are some of my favorite restaurants.

Honestly, Chef Minh Phan has to be one of the most underrated Chefs. Innovative, creative, thoughtful, that also at the same time invokes the comfort of Grandmas cooking, but also can do fine dining high end with the best of them.

I am glad PRD made it. Well deserved. But so is Needle. This is some of the best Canto/HK food around. Chef Ryan Wong can do a new inventive dish but at the same time it tastes and feels just right with a familiarity that it has always been there. The char siu…enough said.

Majordomo…isn’t this Chef David Chang’s best restaurant? God that smoked beef short rib…


What do you guys think about GCM being included here?

Porridge + Puffs just reopened this past Friday with the manager taking over as chef while Minh Phan is doing her Phenakite pop-up.

GCM has always been included as a whole entitiy. Jonathan Gold had it on his list along with the Mozzaplex, IMO it’s kinda cheating tho…haha

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DId I see somewhere that the list is supposed to be announced today?

I think there’s going to be an online announcement on Dec 7, but i’m not really sure.

I’m Garrett Snyder , a writer in the Food section, and this week I’m filling in for our food critics, who are immersed in the production of our upcoming restaurant guide, which will publish online on Dec. 7 and appear in print Dec. 13.


Join our online panel discussion about the restaurants, dishes, people and ideas that define how we eat. At the end of the hour-long discussion exploring the resilience and creativity of the L.A food scene, the Times editorial team will share a video revealing 2020’s reimagined 101 List.
Monday, December 7 2020 at 5 p.m. PT

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Badmaash is probably the second worst Indian restaurant I’ve eaten in my life (out of 1000+, including dozens in India). The worst was a restaurant in Lucca, Italy, whose food was barely identifiable as Indian. The food at Badmaash is spiced-down trash; Indian food for people who don’t like Indian food. Beyond that, nothing I see here really offends my sensibilities.

I’ve had some delicious things at Badmaash. Definitely not among the worst Indian restaurants I’ve been to.

I like Indian food and I like Badmaash. Hmmm… What’s wrong with me?