Italian cooking is the baseline for me


Keep going back to italian food way more than the rest

Soupy, Veneto style. Missing parsley. No moneyshot after fresh olive oil


where did you buy the seafood?



i picked up marcella hazan’s "essentials of classic italian cooking’ recently. it’s not a bad baseline.for culinary competency.if you need to cook regularly.for a growing family


Great book had it for a long time. I love searching the web now for non English recipes from Italy

I tried Hazan’s sauce recipe with the butter and whole onion. It was good but I didn’t like it better than our traditional red sauce. I am in the market for a bolognese so will try this soon. Perfect season for tomatoes.

There is a farmer at the Irvine FM that sells soft tomatoes for ~$1 per lb. They taste great but just got crushed or mushed. Most people buy them for salsa. Do you guys think these would be ok for a sauce?

garbage ass Ralph’s seafood… we’ve got crap around us… should have gone to WF i suppose

The recipe actually calls for canned, imported plum tomatoes. Oh, wait, you were talking about two different things, right? For “a sauce,” would you need to remove the peels and if so would that be pretty hard if they were crushed/mushed?

peels are still intact generally, the tomatoes are just a bit mushy or soft or crushed
I’m going to try to - its a good value for these tomatoes

Looks delicious! I’ve got some lobster tails and shrimp in stock…maybe I’ll give it a go. What’s the base recipe called?

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Absolutely! I buy entire cases of soft tomatoes, simmer them down, run them through the food mill, and then I have a freezer full of passata for making sauces and soups. It’s easy and fun.

You can also run them through the food mill, then pour them into a sheet pan and bake on low heat for hours, then you end up with tomato paste, which you can also freeze.


Not sure.

You just shell the shrimp and lobster and simmer the broth, i used a light chicken broth I had.

Saute shallots with lots of olive oil, then a bunch of halved cherry tomato until they caramelize, then garlic, both slivers and smashed cloves, more oil and butter for fun. Then I deglazed with wine, let it cook off abit, tossed in the shrimp. lobster, calamari (next time i’d go shrimp first about a minute earlier). Once incorporated I added the stock and let it simmer. Then I took most of the seafood out and tossed almost al dente pasta in to finish in the sauce for a minute or 2. Use some of the pasta water as well. Needed parsley


I blanche them, remove the skin, freeze on a baking sheet and then into zipping bags. Summer tomatoes in winter is very special.

Couldn’t you make your stock with just water and the seafood shells?

No seasonings?

That’s a fucked-up version of most of her first two books, The Classic Italian Cookbook and More Classic Italian Cooking. Some idiot arbitrarily cut the fat in half and didn’t test the recipes. They also cut some of my favorite recipes.

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Oh, sigh. Here we go again. I think it’s a great book.

ahhh—I thought you might have a hot tip on a good mid-city seafood source

So did you throw it out?

that may be so, but paging through it without having tried any specific recipes, the general direction about technique(s) overlapped what i’ve gleaned along the way; even if you weren’t using those ingredients but using the techniques, you’d be making decent food. a chacon son gout.