It's that time again - Tacolandia 2016

Tix on sale starting next week.

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100 vendors up from 80 last year. i wonder if that’ll make the lines shorter or the same.


hopefully they do something about the alcohol lines this year (@streetgourmetla, are you lurking in the shadows?)

Presale tickets for Tacolandia go on sale March 8th (tomorrow) at 10am:

Presale tickets require a code to access. If you’re looking for one, my code is TACOOFFALO. For those averse to shilling or self-promotion, note that to the best of my knowledge I get no benefit from someone using my code, but I’m sure you can find other presale codes for it on the Google.


Thanks @theoffalo. If I may ask, how were the lines last year?

I keep reading about so many of these food events (especially 626 Night Market - bleh) plagued by bad organization, massive lines and many attendees getting left out. Thanks.

The food lines were alright last year. Some lines were quite a bit longer than others, like Mexikosher’s Katsuji Tanabe’s but I think that was more because he was just on the most recent season of Top Chef (not to say that was the only reason, but I didn’t get to try his food so I can’t say if it was for that), and Trejo’s Tacos because Danny Trejo was there. But most of the lines were doable.

My friends and I did get there early to be near the front of the entrance line, so getting in (for us) wasn’t the problem it was the previous year (but I think it was also improved for those arriving later too). More bars (cash, not open) so drinks were less of an issue, but they need to get a water sponsor so more free water would be available.

I think with so many vendors, and enough of them serving up to the end, an attendee would have to try hard (or have to go early) to leave hungry, so the complaints are more a matter of “we didn’t get to try x before they ran out”. So prioritizing is a key. Want to try La Guerrerense, Taco Maria, Guerrilla Tacos, Corazon y Miel, whoever’s doing the more inventive stuff? Go there first (and second and third) and wait in line. Then hit the other places that are less “hot” but have shorter lines and fully stocked.

It’s $40 for GA during presale and advance sales. For that price, and if you go in early, it’s totally worth it. And if you stay to near the end, the lines do lighten up. Just take a taco-coma nap in the middle.

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what’s the point of having a code then? to ostensibly be exclusive?

Super Advance sale starts a week later and doesn’t require a code. I don’t know, maybe they want to track how people are getting referred to buy the tickets, at least during presale? If I recall, last year VIP sold out in only a few weeks (before the price even went up) and GA sold out in April nearly two months before the event. I guess there’s the potential that VIP could sell out during presale this year?

I don’t know about that. Sure, maybe for the first hour they were short but then, IIRC, they built and built and built…

I was more thinking that with 80+ vendors last year (and 100+ this year), I definitely recall many of the vendors not having too much of a line. I don’t necessarily mean that one could just walk right up, but maybe in the half dozen to a dozen people range.

One of the more annoying issues is with the layout of the event, the truly longer lines would definitely interfere with queuing for the booths with the shorter lines. Hopefully they’ll have gotten even more space this year since they’re adding 25% more vendors.

At 100+ vendors, there’s no way someone can try them all, so as I emphasized above, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! :slight_smile:

I’m debating on whether or not to go.

goddamn service fee

Tacolandia • 6/11
VIP Admission Presale
2 x $60.00
Delivery Method Print at Home
Service Fee $16.00

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I hope you win your debate.


Wow, $5.50 service fee for 1 GA ticket. That’s pretty extreme, 13.75%. Worse than Ticketmaster, no? Haven’t bought anything thru TM in a while…

it’s $8 on $60, so 13.3% service fee.

my last TM order was actually only a $5 fee against a $95 ticket.

I checked some other food festivals going on this month, and the fees range from under 5% to over 10% and one event had no fees, though I assume they folded it into the cost of the ticket.

I emailed the organizers to give them the feedback. Even if they can’t or won’t adjust the fees, maybe just putting it in the ticket descriptions would help with sticker shock a bit.


FYI - VIP tickets are apparently already sold out!

Heard back from organizers who said the fee rate did not change from last year, and they haven’t heard directly any other negative feedback on the fees. I checked my receipt from last year, and the fee was $7.88 on the $55 VIP ticket I bought, so that’s 14.3% and apparently I was okay with it because it didn’t stick out in my mind.

Tacolandia is pretty much the only food festival I’ll buy VIP presales for, because this has consistently happened and the event has been consistently good.

the day is almost here!

No GA sell out - does that mean…

  1. They’re overselling the hell out of this
  2. Demand is way down
  3. The venue is huge
  4. all of the above

this vendor list is straight up DAUNTING. I only have 2 hours, so I’m coming into this event on a mission.

Chef Adria Marina
Alberta SentĂ­es of Montelena
Alfredo-Villanueva of Romero y Azaha
All Flavor No Grease
Amor Y Tacos
Comuna by
Andrea Martinez + Rivero González
Anapelco’s Cafe
Aqui es Texcoco
BALAM Mexican Kitchen
Barrio Cafe
Birrieria Jalisco
Bistro LQ
Breddos Tacos
Brian “Chef Turok” Menendez
Buffalo BBQ La Paz Mexico
Bull Taco
Burritos La Palma
Cacao Mexicatessen
CalĂł Provisions
ChalÍo’s Birrieria
Carnitas El Momo
Casa Vega
Chef Katsuji Tanabe
VIP-Only Chicas Tacos
Chichen Itza
Cielito Lindo
Colonia Tacos Guisados
Comuna by
Andrea Martinez + Rivero González
Coni’ Seafood
Corazon Y Miel
Cueva Carvajal
Debbie’s Delicious Tacos
Dia de los Puercos
Don Chente Bar–Grill & Lounge
Dos Chinos
El Chavo with Ceviche Project
El Shuko Guatemalan Cuisine
El Colimense
El Coraloense
El Huarache Azteca
El Marinero By Chef Ninive
El Sinaloense
El Tepeyac
Frida Tacos
Galaxy Taco
Gish Bac Restaurante Oaxaqueño
Gracias Señor!
Guerrilla Tacos
La Barbacha Restaurant
La Cahua del Yeyo
La Calaca Fish Tacos
La Embajada
Tania Leal from La Enramada
La Flor de Yucatan
La Mascota Bakery
La Monarca Bakery
Las 7 Regiones de Oaxaca
La Taquiza
Las Molenderas
Lola’s Mexican Cuisine
Loteria Grill
La Tostaderia
Los Ruizeñores Gourmet Taco
Mariscos El BigotĂłn
Mariscos El GĂĽero
Mariscos German
Mariscos Guerrerense
Mariscos Jalisco
Mariscos Olas Atlas
Mexicali Taco Co.
Mexicano & Flautas
Mi Ensenada Fish Tacos
Monkey Bar + RBTA
Nixtaco Taqueria
NĂłmada XXI FoodTruck
Oaxaca on Wheels
Petty Cash Taqueria
Pez Cantina
Pink Taquiza
VIP-Only Poke Party x Grublife​
Pour Vida Latin Flavor
Primera Taza
Puertos del Pacifico
Pupusas Paty & Faby
Rakken Tacos
Raspado Express
Revolutionario LA Food
Rika’s Empanadas
Rincon Oaxaqueño
Rocio’s Mexican Kitchen
Sammy’s Mexican Corn
Sarita’s Pupuseria
Sergio Elias Gutierrez of Bocanegra
SOL Cocina
Sonoritas Prime Tacos
Ta Bom Truck
Taco Libre LA
The Taco Man
Taco Maria
Tacos Kokopelli
Tacos Los Desvelados
Tacos Puntas Cabras
Tacos Tamix
Tamales Elena
Taqueria Vista Hermosa
Tempo Urban Kitchen
The Briks
Tlayuda L.A.
Toca Madera
Tortas Ahogadas Ameca
Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara in LA
Ubatuba Açai
Vaka Burger
Vchos Truck
Westside Taco Co.
White Boy Tacos
Yuca’s Restaurants
Zema Latin Vibes
Zamora Brothers
Zingo Tacos – Al Carbon

i vote for number 1. the venue is the same as last year i believe.