J.Zhou - Best high-roller Chinese in LA metro?

JZhou has my vote for the best high roller Chinese meal in the LA/OC area.

Nice modern Chinese decor, very good service for a Chinese restaurant and very well prepared food. Couldn’t find any faults with my dinner this evening. Tops anything I’ve had in SGV.

IMO, we might finally have a restaurant that can rival Koi Palace up north.


I wholeheartedly support this and would even say it beats Koi for dim sum with the recent decline in Koi for dim sum.

OC is where the new Asia money is these days and JZhou satisfies that in spades. I had some Taiwanese businessman tell me he and his buddies can’t get out of there for under 2k. Now that’s balling.

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Great food
Terrible parking lot
Expensive for dim sum

Is non dim sum menu good as well?

Non dim sum menu is superb but pricey.

Damn J Zhou and Costco gas for screwing that parking lot. Whoever designed that center should be forced to eat Oki dogs for the rest of their life!

Yeah, but Taiwanese businesspeople also pay full retail for a Patek.



Wow. This looks like fucking sea Barbour its utter fucking prime.

Where’s this fucking joint ???


And what’s wrong with Oki Dogs if by Oki Dog you happen to mean their fucking iconic junk food polymath:

The mighty Pastrami Burrito.

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Is that JL in the middle balling away ???

Just a little fucking joke.

I’ll gladly take free-wheeling spending if that’s what it takes to finally up the ante on high end Chinese dining in LA.
Definitely seems like OC is where the new money is flowing in, table next to us had a group of young Chinese patrons (late teens early 20s). Rides were a blinged out chrome blue ferrari and matted AMGs.

I’ll have to try the dim sum next time, unfortunately it’s such a trek for me to get down to OC… :persevere:

Kev, place is located in Tustin

So J Zhou has been around for over a year and from the menu picture the owner is an apprentice of Hong Kong abalone master Yeung Koon Yat. I assume J Zhou is executive chef/designer of the menu but he’s not chef de cuisine? Or will he cook only for the regular ballers?

What kind of abalone do they use for the braised goose web (single small plate/individual portion)?
The Japanese Aomori abalone is likely the dried one.

Two other noteworthy Chinese restaurants are headed to OC over the course of the next year:

Not disclosed on the menu nor did I inquire, not enough of a baller to develop a sufficiently discerning palate to distinguish abalone varieties. :pensive:

Hey, one doesn’t buy a Patek - One simply guards it for the next generation…

Or one could just be like Li Ka-shing and don a Seiko.

FWIW does “la metro” really include irvine? i mean, west siders typically won’t even travel to the SGV for chinese.

what makes you say Koi has declined? I ask because I’ve walked away with the exact same impression the past couple of times. i can’t really put a finger on it, but some thing has changed. were there any changes to the kitchen or something?

The dungeness crab XLB was a little sloppy the last time I went. They used to be pristine and the wrapper more carefully made. Before you had to order the whole crab to get them so I assume made to order. Now you can order them without ordering the entire crab so I’m guessing more pre-made. It’s hard to beat 24+ tanks of live seafood though for dinner.

Try the house special fish dumplings and the seafood,sea cucumber dumplings in ham broth at JZhou. Top notch stuff.

are the house fish dumplings just pure fish or there was ham and or other meat in those suckers ???

are the fish dumplings pork free ???

The steamed house special seafood dumplings appear pork free. I would ask the waiter specifically if you go.
The sea cucumber seafood dumplings are in a ham broth.