January 2022 Rundown

happy new year

nye duck pithivier from maison nico
mammoth mouthful


Pre dinner G&Ts and snacks


Imposters need not apply


Wow so jelly!!!

Goddamnit, I was hoping we had something that authentically Basque in LA. Then I saw that it was La Vina and you’re in San Sebastian. Hope you hit up Ganbara. Casa Valles in the southern part has a great Gilda and I enjoyed their tortillla bacalao, although I don’t know how it compares to the rest of the city. Foie with corn/white chocolate sauce at Atari Gastroleku is excellent.


If you have a car, Etxebarri does tapas at their downstairs bar on Sundays at lunch. It is very affordable and no reservations required (gets packed though and people are eating outside in the courtyard). Elkano for turbot and Casa Julian for steak also comparatively close.


Very jealous. There are so many options, but if it survived the pandemic, I strongly recommend la cuchara de san telmo


We had some of the best ham I’ve ever had at La Viña. The chef travels to the pig farm and selects individual legs.

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I took the last carabinero from Ganbara during lunch. We’re going back for dinner tonight for more txuleton.


I tried picking up mochi from Benkyodo in SF as a gift for a friend but didn’t realize they only offered komochi this time of year. I ordered a few pounds and enjoyed practicing different methods of preparation.

Boiled a few to include in an incredibly non-traditional new years soup.

These baked ones came out great. I made a mango puree and a banana puree and decided to top with that.


you made it just in time

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Oh I know!! So sad

They had a sign in the window saying they’ll be back open January 11 as they’re taking a break for the New Year so I’m not sure if they’ve set a closing date just yet

Also I noticed B Patisserie is closed for the New Year as well. I think they said first two weeks of January

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Despite the headline, that article says they’ll close if they can’t find a buyer.

uni cream puff, fermented shiitake, savory butterscotch @ birdsong


:heart_eyes: damn I need to get back there

They did a really cool “deconstructed ice cream sundae” when I was there celebrating a birthday

They brought out personal portions of various sundae toppings and let you assemble how you like


No traffic = going to Northern Cafe in Monterey Park.

To borrow a phrase from @rlw, the place still slaps. And it has seating out back.


Kobawoo house to go. Haemulpajun, jokbal, and bossam.

All the panchan were delicious and the kimchi that comes with the bossam is some of the best I’ve had in ktown.

Sorry too lazy to unwrap, plate, and take photo


courage bagels


What is your feeling on these bagels?


Bar Nestor is supposed to be the place to go for Chuleton inside San Sebastian. I only got their limited run tortilla in the morning and a tomato salad, but the steaks looked great. Tortilla is excellent, but not really worth the trouble of lining up an hour before they open for lunch when they take reservations for a slice (of the single pan of tortilla that make per day).