JeetKuneBao's NYC (and nearby) eats

It’s wild that Russ and Daughters bagels are so bad. I have friends who just get the appetizing stuff and bagels from somewhere else. It’s annoying though.


Sara D park. Let’s light off those firecrackers! I came too late for a rail side view

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I think a good move if someone is visiting and staying in midtown is to go to Best Bagels than head over to Russ and Daughters. Than head over to Sara D.

Or Absolute than Zabars in the Upper West Side. Than head over to Central Park.

Gave that babka away btw. I am sure it’s great piping hot!


I love my peoples and this neighborhood but they just had the consulate general make some remarks and I see CCP flags but no ROC flags. I am outta here. Sorry to get political.


Cool bookstore!


Is that a thing? Too chewy lol? R&D isn’t my first choice for a bagel.

Damn! Tasty!!

The real happiest place on earth! I like their knishes!

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They rocked it! Bonus points for you ABC’s if you know why traditionally there is a red, white, and black lionhead. Also the drumming gets me hyped!

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The Village

Nice bookstore!

Legendary venue for jazz fans.

I Sodi. Signature 22 layer lasagna.


And roughly how long would that be??? :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! I normally hate cinnamon rolls for that reason, but I would eat this.

Was it good? Sounds like possibly too much of a good thing to me…

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Closer to my 7th decade than my 5th, let’s just say. I remember being REALLY EXCITED about remote control televisions.


Happiness! Tribeca Finest at Canal x 6th.

Imo Eggs should never be scrambled in a breakfast sandwich! Look how beautifully folded.

Yeah I got fancy with Harmless coconut water and Hal’s.

Am I the only one that is curious if they would add a fried egg with runny yolk and grilled the cheese before folding up the egg for a epic BEC. Is that possible? Is that too much to ask?


It’s a great lasagna! Even fancy lasagna will be heavy. This lasagna is a one and done thing for me tbh. The dishes lean pretty heavy here. It’s a nice place for a date night with your partner if you are in the Village. I would go back on a date with a pretty girl it’s a real nice vibe and ambiance. Service is top notch.


The Malibu Diner made my breakfast sandwich - potato, egg & cheese - every morning for ages. As per my request, an over-easy egg with the cheese put on the egg after it was flipped. Will they make a special order for you, too? I don’t know! Maybe you have to live across the street for a few years first.

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Heart breaking news in Monterey Park. SGV is very near and dear to my heart.


Thai Diner, Nolita

Egg, cheese, thai basil, sai oua sausage, mayo?, on a roti with prik nam pao. Me gusta.

Thai Tea Babka French Toast with Thai Tea butter and warm condensed milk. Mucho gusta!

Chicken Khao Soi. Pretty good.

Cool interior and even better is the music. Oldies mixed in with some Thai.

Spongies Cafe, Chinatown.

Original and pandan coconut. The owner here used to work across the street for decades perfecting the sponge cake. I need to try the original piping hot from the oven!


My friend said that the shooting occurred at Lincoln Plaza. I went there all the time growing up. When I saw news reports about survivors running to the Bank of America, I knew exactly which one they were talking about. So horrible.


Is there any way to block a poster from my being able to see them?

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If you click on their picture and go to their profile you can mute or ignore someone. See example below


Thanks sincerely.