Jim Leff's new thing

Just looked at this and I’m not really sure what it is yet. Thought I’d share and see what you think.


Good for him! Do you think he has an algorithm for analyzing the entire CH archive?

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No idea.

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing what’s up. Thanks for sharing.

4.99 for the app . How much more does it know than FTC , HO , or Chowhound ?

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I’m not shilling for this. I follow Leff’s Slog occasionally and he announced it there. I haven’t event looked at it in any meaningful way. I was kindof hoping to learn from someone else’s $4.99 investment. The charge is a bit disappointing actually. Seems as if most of these things are free and make money with ads. But, then, Leff’s been down that road before.

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15 people seems like a small team given the supposed scope.

Honestly, it’s not the money. It’s that he used to annoy me regularly. Especially his feeble yet stubborn forays into the kitchen :slight_smile:

Launching this app 5+ years ago would of been the optimum time.
Wishing Jim da best!

Just my two Aloha cents

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He apparently had a non-compete.

Non-competes are illegal in California. That’s one reason our tech sector is so overheated.

I’ve never seen stats, but 10 years seems like a VERY long time in the non-compete world (where it’s legal).

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Hey, guys

Just wanted to follow up. Thanks for noticing this thing is out there. I’m gigglingly excited to finally unveil Eat Everywhere, after a ton of work. Let me just note that here’s the app’s web page, and here’s my announcement, See our Google Play store page and App Store pages for screenshots from the app, for a better idea of the scope and writing (both are linked from the app’s web page).

MrGuyGuyGuy: I’m long past the non-compete stage! I’ve just been working on non-food stuff for a while.

Bookwich: I’m intrigued. What exactly do you have in mind re: “algorithm for analyzing the entire CH archive”?

Emglow: This info isn’t in FTC, HO or Chowhound…or anywhere else. It’s a whole other thing. It’s massive, unique, and necessary. And once you dive in I think you’ll find it addictive.

Midlife: Tell you what. Risk the five bucks. Then really dive in (not just a superficial look). And if you believe it’s worth a dime less than $25, email me at jimleff.ny@gmail.com for a full refund. This offer limited to Midlife, and not extended to all lurking opportunists! :slight_smile:

robert: 15 people wrote/edited. But the full team was nearly 100.

Plumeria: Your good wishes mean more than you’d imagine! But take a look and see if you’re sure I’m late to the game. This is like nothing else out there in any media! It’s something I, as an eater, would have loved to see (much like Chowhound…I only do stuff when I see a huge gap!).

Thanks again, all, and eat well!

“Post-Canine Productions, Inc.” Ha.

It’s an abstract guide to eating in various places and kinds of restaurants, not a restaurant guide, so the small team makes more sense.

Table of contents, top level:

Second level:

Looking at the Roman section, since I know a lot about it, there’s some good stuff but it needs work. The sections about pizza and cafes, for example, are missing essential information that anyone who has spent time in Rome would tell first-time visitors.

roberto, did you purchase this ?

who is Jim Leff ?

Yeah, $4.99, what the hell, I was curious.

Jim Leff and Bob Okumura founded chowhound.com in 1997 and sold it to CNET in 2006. CBS bought CNET in 2008.

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Robert , Thanks for taking one for the team . I think I will pass on this app .

Generally, yes, but not all non-competition agreements are illegal in California. There is an exception for the sale of a business and its goodwill, which is probably what’s at play here.

That makes sense.