Jon and Vinny's To Brentwood!



West side is blowing up


Wow Early World that’s a blast from the past!

Winner winner spaghetti and meatball dinner


Thrilled - I live closer to that than to Fairfax :slight_smile:
Angry - that space looks so fucking small it almost makes Jon and Vinny’s look cozy :frowning:
Wondering - Pizzana – Jon/Vinny Bang Bang! :rofl:


Might take you 4 hours to complete! with lines at both places!

Early World is bigger than you might think, it’s not enormous but they should be able to work with it. Never been to J&V 's so I don’t know how to compare the size.

am I the only one but I don’t think J&Vs is that good… and has really bad QPR.

I literally live a 2min walk from fairfax location and rarely go (sometimes will get a pizza or soft serve ice cream to go). Feel like people think it’s a “cool” spot and just say it’s good to seem trendy.

Even locally rather go Angelini or mozza.

Am I an idiot?


Since A.D. 1054, yo…

I don’t think so. I’ve haven’t been, but, when I told my partner about the opening, I said, “It’s supposed to taste pretty good, but it’s expensive, and there were some grumblings from a few who didn’t think it was actually that tasty.” But this was just based on my memory of the threads (I haven’t reviewed them recently).

Would prefer that something like this open on Wilshire Blvd. b/c Belle Vie needs some company and b/c that stretch of Wilshire (Federal to near Centinela) is pretty wretched. Wouldn’t mind if Northern Cafe took over California Wok! (or one of the furniture/bathroom fixture stores!).

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Are you looking at the pics on Yelp? If so, the first pic only shows half the dining room. There’s a second pic that gives a better sense of the size. Not huge but not tiny either.

no i was going by the appearance from the street
never been inside or looked on yelp - probably speaking out of my ass (per usual)

Well I’m excited about this. I love Jon and Vinny’s - it’s a slightly modernized version of the Italian-American food of my childhood. But the last time I met a friend for dinner there it took me 90 minutes from Venice, which is ridiculous.

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Precisely this - Wilshire Blvd between Bundy and Barrington has lots of restaurant space that could use what San Vicente is getting. And San Vicente is just overloaded with riches. I’m a big fan of Palmeri, it’s outstanding every time.

Jon & Vinny’s just posted that they are looking for FOH and BOH positions for the Brentwood location so opening day is getting close!

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you’re not. we like buzzy places but never went back after 1 visit and we are very close.

I absolutely love Jon & Vinny’s. Huge fan of their meatballs, salads and the Ham & Yeezy pizza. Really dig the vibe, the wine room, and the fact that it’s somewhat family friendly. Prices are a bit too high for what it is, but otherwise a huge fan of the place.


I can confirm that Jon and Vinnys Brentwood is opening in “the next few weeks”.

Soft opening last night, official opening today.


Reservations up on Resy NOW!

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anyone know how big the new place is compared to the one on Fairfax?