July 2022 Rundown

the miniest of all the kabobs


Was that ordered at 12:01am?



I saw an insta story today I think spoon by h is doing to go meal bentos. Her account is set to private but if you’re interested you might be able to dm and reach out.


Downtown is back in a big way. A quick pit stop at Pizzeria Bianco in lovely weather was just the way to kick off the long weekend. No pizza pics as they’ve been posted ad nauseum. Still Slice only (although terrific variety) and the sandwiches were gorgeous. Very sparse lines as well.The man really knows bread and crust. They were doing some demos on whole pizzas for another table helmed by Phil from “Somebody Feed Phil” and they looked spectacular. The outdoor/indoor space is going to smash although I don’t see myself standing in line for very long to snag a slice if that makes sense. For now - go early and enjoy the space. Looks like they’ll have a nice beer/wine/coffee program too.

Finished the day at Homage brewing. Great underrated space with excellent bottle selection. Didn’t have a bite there although I must say the fried chicken coming out of the kitchen looked delicious. Apparently they have a very legit kitchen.


Another hit from Mom’s Haus…

Shrimp and grits with the optional catfish nuggets. Although I am Yankee born one of my grandmothers, an incredible cook, was from Virginia. I love grits and order them almost anytime they are on the menu. These did not disappoint, nor did the blackened shrimp. One small minus the catfish nuggets had a thicker breading than the po-boy I had the other night. While this was necessary to maintain the admirable crispness in a dish as moist as this, I did miss having a tender interior in the smaller pieces. Nevertheless I will be ordering this again.


Ye Dang on Beach Blvd. Another packed Korean restaurant. Only 3 waitresses and every table was taken with a line at 6pm on a Friday night. The two most popular dishes are the bossam with kimchi oysters and accouterments and the aged kimchi stew with pork and rice cakes. On the menu it’s listed as Mukeunji Dwaji Galbi Jjim. Was I embarrassed that my mom brought extra rice cakes from home to add to the stew bc they only give you like 5 rice cakes? It’s not our first rodeo.

We also got the Sheraeki dolsot which is a fried rice dish with a Korean root vegetable. Actually very delicious but not something I would not order. A nice amount of scorched rice on the bottom. Yimyeonsu gui with deongjang jigae. The English name of the fish is double water fish. I have no idea what this means but a great delicious fish. Not super fishy with good flakes of meat.


Your Mom get’s today MVP award for sure! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Lesson learned: For best results, one must BYOKM (Bring Your Own Korean Mom)…


Almond croissant at Chaumont. Pretty good but the regular ones are better


Damn that looks great. No wonder there’s a line.

Shiraeki / siraegi are dried radish leaves. Atka’s a kind of mackerel.

Caribbean Gourmet at Blossom Hall in San Gabriel. Not much of a pic, I’m afraid. Ox-tail stew.

Flavor was really good. A subtle and mellow but heat to the sauce for the oxtail. Subtle coconut notes in the rice. Greens were well-seasoned. Oxtail themselves could’ve used more braising/stewing/whatever. Worth a trip.

Osteria del Fornaio in Santa Monica. Surprisingly good. Sauce of the shrimp spaghettini was full of shrimp flavor (shrimp themselves were undistinguished), and the margherita pizza was surprisingly light (and not too soupy in the center!). Crust could have more flavor, though. Grilled octopus was fine, but I could’ve done w/o the eggplant accompaniment. You could certainly do much worse and pay more $$$ in the area. Doesn’t have the heart and soul of Colapasta or the flavor of Uovo, but certainly an enjoyable meal (and worth a visit, if you’re already in the area). I would think of this place as a good choice for a relatively casual and relatively affordable business lunch w/ food that you’d actually enjoy eating.

Not pictured. Jiang Nan Spring (from the former chef at Chang’s Garden). Father asked for the food to be prepared w/ less oil and asked for less hoisin on the beef roll. XLB fine (but certainly not exception); soybeans, snow cabbage, and tofu skin ribbons and shanghai fried noodles very good (and the noodles weren’t too oily!); beef roll fine. If I lived nearby, this place would be on my regular rotation.


Grecomusc, Campania

Grecanico, Sicily

Carignan, Sardinia


I enjoyed the food there quite a bit although I too wish the oxtail melted off the bone. But the flavor is damn tasty especially on that rice.

Their beef patty is addictive, the dough is just spectacular and you can ask them for the habanero hot sauce they make.


Next level. Hutchins BBQ in Frisco TX. Everything is so good including all the sides


YUM. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for much longer and have the stomach for more, I would also recommend (in this order):

Goldee’s Barbecue, Fort Worth.
Cattleack Barbeque, Farmers Branch.
Panther City BBQ, Fort Worth.


Yakitori tasting menu pop up Tori! Tory! Toré! by Dylan Ho. Review forthcoming? @PorkyBelly @chrishei


Go Get Em Tiger on Montana in SaMo.

Smoky beans breakfast burrito just ok,
Feta toast good. Unpictured “fizzy hoppy tea” good, though the apricot flavor they added all sank to the bottom.


For The Win

Glendale location

“Our burgers are made using the highest quality ground beef. They’re smashed with grilled onions served on a toasted martin’s potato bun with pickles and our homemade fry sauce.”

So I got a double ($11.50) for comparison since by default BNSD and Burger She Wrote are doubles.

So their double is definitely bigger than the other two places at least thickness wise. The other two places may smash them more so maybe theirs are wider.

It was really tasty burger. They did not achieve any crispiness on the patties.

It seemed so crazy cheesy, probably because the way the cheese blended with their fry sauce. I did not dissect it to really look at what was going on there, however I can tell you that after a few bites the cheese and sauce and the grilled onions and the richness of the meat was a little much.

Personally I don’t think a mayonnaise-based sauce was the way to go here because it was so overly rich. There isn’t lettuce or tomato (by default but you can add it) or fresh onion on the burger. This is where ketchup and mustard or more pickles may have been better. I feel like if I’m gonna add lettuce and tomato I might as well just go to In-N-Out.

Still it was good. You can also add bacon and jalapeños.

The fries. Ok. Crispy. But… just fries. $3.75 worth it? Not so sure. I can pass on those.

It looks like you can also get BBQ or Ranch (@Ns1 :wink: )

My feeling, is so far (having not been to Goldburgers) I think that burgers never say die is by far my favorite. The patties, while thinner at BNSD, are nice and crispy and isn’t that the point of a smashburger?

I’ve only been to 5 of the smash burger joints (counting The Window here because it’s similar enough)

  1. Burgers Never Say Die
  2. The Window
  3. Burger She Wrote
  4. For The Win
  5. Tripps (Who will always be in last place no matter how good his burgers are because you have to dress them yourself)

To me, if a smash burger is not crisp, it’s just stupid.

Is anyone making Heston Blumenthal-style burgers these days? That’s the best of both worlds, medium-rare and juicy middle, crisp outside.



I need to know about this too! This is up my alley!