Kenji Alt-Lopez shades Tyler Florence for French Fry Recipe stealing

There is some amusing shit going down on Twitter. Kenji inquired to Tyler Florence ages ago and gets blocked. Currently, folks are doing the same thing and are almost immediately being blocked.
Also I enjoy following Kenji on Twitter. So many interesting things he shares.


Anybody dare to try this . 400 degrees for 3 1/2 minutes .
I fucked up enough fried chicken from the Americas test kitchen recipe already . Tell me how these fries come out.

gasp! Not cool!

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Thanks Robert!

I’m surprised that no one has commented on the Tyler Florence part of this. Seems pretty egregious to me.

Aaaah we’ll let karma take care of this one… It’s a small world for chefs at that level

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someone make those fries and tell me how they turned out.

If you go to Kenji’s twitter page, there are plenty of comments about the TF part of it.

Why go to the all the trouble and mess of making your own if they come out like McDonald’s?

Because some people enjoy the DIY.

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I guess if you think McDonald’s are the ultimate fries, maybe, but to my taste you can make much, much better fries using the traditional double-fried method.

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This guy is making them. Too much trouble. I may try the white vinegar trick. My potatoes always fall apart. I think I cook them too long the first time. Also, I don’t like these thin fries, I’ll eat them, but I like fat fries.

I love this thread!
I love Kenji!
Tyler always left me with lukewarm impressions, which have now turned cold. What a thin-skinned thieving turd he is.
I will write the network.

JKL-A is one of my favorite recipe writers, but I’d rather return to Wayfare than to Wursthall.