Kevin's latest column in LA Weekly


The pizza on there looked like a deep dish. From the dessert in the background I’m guessing it’s not Hollywood Pies.
Masa in Echo Park?

I hope the mainland poke trend dies a quick death… Terrible for the environment.


Nice worst list.

and i like he mentioned those credit card only places.


@J_L mentioned the credit card-only issue a while back. When a practice starts to irritate those that typically have a high tolerance for crap, vendors should think twice.


When places like Costco in MdR can sell hundreds of pounds of poke in a few days, the fish are doomed.


I am so glad the remodel is finishing up and Mdr has resumed the seafood on ice service.
I had Costco’s incredible King Crab Legs last night, while watching the Giants.
My God, they were fantastic.
We also cooked the terrific Manila Clams with Spaghetti.

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I’m glad you liked the crab legs but we found it to be really salty. How do you like to prepare them?

No prep - other than deshelling and dipping (in cocktail sauce).

I picked up enough for six eaters. None of us could get past the first leg because of the salt. Ended up tossing a lot of crab legs because they just sat in the fridge. Maybe I should try again - in smaller quantities.

Great for my stomach and wallet though

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Have you checked for parasites recently?

I’ve named him Tommy.


That sucks.
We did not have that issue.
They were excellent yesterday (or we really love salt).

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We have a friend who does a quick soak/light simmer of the costco crab legs before reheating or chilling. She says it takes the salt and processed flavor out!

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Lasix was placed on this earth for a reason.


Me too. I was was recently googling those credit cards where you give the company money up front and they give you a card for that amount. I was trying to figure out how easy it would be to use a fake name and social security number. But then I fell asleep and forgot about it.

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I pretty much have zero issues with any of the items on this list. Feel free to hand me a poke bowl, an avocado toast, or a lobster roll anytime. I will eat them. Rather inoffensive choices for a “worst of” list. I’m ever more flummoxed about the link to Wei’s article about poke and sustainability. Although it could quite possibility be/become a contributing factor, the article offers no real causation between the influx of poke shops and the depletion of particular species.

For a second there I thought Linus got a job at the LAW.

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I have noticed an increase in the occurrence of ‘flummox’ here.

I approve.

I’ll also eat poke or avo toast or a lobster roll. But I’ll be damned if I’m paying $5 for toast.

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