L.A. Wine Delivery

It seems like I am always the last to know, but six months into the pandemic, I just figured out that K&L Wines in Hollywood will deliver via courier for $12. K& L may be the best wine store in L.A. (only Woodland Hills Wine competes in my mind), but pre-pandemic I always hated driving to K&L from the Westside and while you could always opt for UPS delivery (or whichever service they use), in terrible weather like today I never wanted my wine sitting around on a UPS truck.

There are few positives from this pandemic, but K&L delivery is one of them. The only downside is that it’s not truly same day, but a day or so out.

Today, among other things, K&L brought me Vigneti Massa Piccolo Derthona. I discovered that wine via Hinoki & the Bird, which offers it for $30. At K&L, it is $16.99 and it may be the best wine I have found at that price point.


Nice. Timorasso’s not overhyped yet.

K&L waives the delivery fee if your order a high enough quantity. I’ve become very trusting of their Top Picks section. You can pick your price point and the type of wine you’re looking for and it’s highly likely it’ll be good.

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Agreed. I have never been disappointed by their recommendations, unlike other spots (I won’t name names), where I had the feeling that some of the “featured” staff favorite wines were just a way to get rid of slow moving stock. K&L picks are solid, and the prices are excellent. I am a big fan of grower Champagne, and they have an excellent, well curated stock. I live towards the Westside, so picking up at the store on Vine has not been bad, particularly with the somewhat better pandemic traffic, but I have had them do a couple of home deliverys, and it has been well worth it. I miss looking in the shop, and talking with all the folks, but the great stock of wines (and spirits too by the way) remains.

I ordered delivery from K&L back in the beginning of the pandemic, and I think it took me almost a week to receive the delivery (their driver) and I only live maybe a mile or so away. It seems like they’re delivering sooner now and pickup is also available. They always have some good deals too (sign up for their email updates if you haven’t).

For those of you close enough, K&L also has a very smooth pick up situation going on. And although they won’t advertise this on their site, they can sometimes arrange a same-day pick up for you if you call in your order.

Another (local) wine shop that has been great to work with during the pandemic is Gino Vino (https://www.gino-vino.com/). The owner will do local delivery and can be flexible depending on where you are and what you order.

In my experience you don’t even need to call - all of my online orders have been ready for pickup within two hours as long as I only purchase items in stock in Hollywood.

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That has also been my experience with items in stock in Hollywood. They are “picked” almost immediately and ready for pick up within an hour or so. And, as mentioned, the pick up is easy. There are designated spots in the parking lot, you click on a ready to pick up link in the e-mail that notified you your order is ready, enter your space number and car model and color, and someone comes out and sets your order down next to your car. (Last order, they actually asked me to pop the trunk and they put it in.)

Even when I have ordered items not in stock in Hollywood, they have been available for pick up locally within a week. A very good online ordering experience. (Though no substitute for poking about the shop. We can hope for better days ahead…)

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KLWines is wonderful. Every year, I drink about 300 bottles of wines purchased from KLWines!

Check out the auctions. It’s the best way to learn about mature wines from classic regions. KLWines delivers your auction bottles just like your retail bottles.


A ~bottle of wine a day keeps the doctor away.

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Don’t know much about wine (cue Sam Cooke “Wonderful World”) but I like the vibes and staff at Silverlake Wine. They are doing local delivery btw

Too bad you can’t do a Cha Cha-Red Lion-Silverlake Wine tasting-Burgers Never Say Die bang

That’s my store! Glad to hear about the Woodland Hills shop. Will use that too.

I’ve been doing k&l pickups for many months now.

Arnot-Robert ‘15 stray from them is on deck today

Woodland Hills Wine apparently just started same-day delivery. I spoke to them at noon and my wine arrived in Century City at 2:20 p.m. Can’t beat that service. Somewhat pricey delivery at $34 (the rep said it’s much cheaper if the wine is going to the Valley), but the same-day delivery fee was only $9 or so more than FedEx so I opted for same day since I wanted the wine for the weekend.

Woodland Hills had a few things that I wanted that K&L did not, including Caparzo Toscana Sangiovese, which I discovered via Hinoki & the Bird. At retail that wine is only $10 and I actually didn’t realize until I tasted it that you could get a very drinkable wine for $10. Alas, I cleaned Woodland Hills out of their stock of the Caparzo. Got a few pricier bottles of other stuff as well.

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You did? That’s interesting because I just ordered a 6 pack of them.

Thanks for the tip

Ah, I see Woodland Hills Wine got more Caparzo. They must have restocked. @Nemroz, let me know what you think of the wine. I think it is quite decent for $9.95. Better than the random bottle that I might pick up for double that price at the supermarket. Sometimes you just want to open an inexpensive bottle of wine and not be concerned about “wasting” any of it, or the occasion not being worthy of an expensive bottle. I do have a Coravin which theoretically allows me to waste nothing, but I grew weary of using it and I kept breaking the needles.

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Have you tried Antinori Santa Cristina? Similar style, even cheaper.

I have not. Seems about the same price as the Caparzo, which I just happened to randomly discover because Hinoki & the Bird offered it.

Yep. Just got 6 au bon climat at Ralph’s with the same logic. I know they’re good and at the sale price it’s a no brainer. 4 disappeared last night

@BHAppeal, agreed with both you and @behemoth, the pick-up process has been smooth, like picking up from Best Buy or Crate & Barrel. K&L also has a solid selection of Belgian ales on deck as well.

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