LA FTC'ers a/k/a "beer snobs"

I can’t remember how much of a beer snob are we allowed to be on here?


snob away!

Snob it up as long as you can walk the walk :wink:

I will say Mee & Greet has a pretty impressive selection of Belgians, which are my favorite. How many places can say they have a Gouden Carolus Tripel on tap?


My wife says I’m a beer snob. I pretty much only drink craft beers from like 4 breweries these days. No time for swill.

Well? Don’t leave us in suspense! Which four?

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Monkish - hazy IPAs and Belgiums
Green Cheek - mostly hazy IPA but love their sours as well
Electric - hazy IPAs (if they were not located in Murrieta they would be as popular as these other guys)
Bottle Logic - mostly their bourbon barrel aged stouts but they are pretty good across the board


F’in’ snob. And that’s a complement.


They’re not snobs, they are single-focus experts.


I couldn’t live without HPB. Since you seem to be OC, gunwhale has been a favorite for some time now for me

Are Green Cheek and Electric available in stores or brewery only?

Been meaning to get to HPB. Do they have food? I’ve been to Gunwhale they are a good brewery but don’t do much in the way of cans. Took me about 3 months to properly pronounce the name. It’s not gun whale.

Yes both are only available at the brewery.

Electric does Friday afternoon can releases. The cans generally last until Saturday so you don’t necessarily have to wait in line or rush down there on Friday. They stopped doing crowlers and only do growlers.

Green cheek does Saturday morning can releases. For the most part the cans are available for a few days to weeks after release except this week’s release which sold out in 3 hours. GC does both crowlers and growlers.


Gun-nul? I’ve hung onto many, and hung over even more.

What’s the name? I think I’ve seen crowlers there, def growlers. We’ve only drank at the bar tho

HPB does have food, at least at the Chinatown location and FWIW it’s actually pretty good.

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Yes that is how they pronounce it. Never in a million years would I have pronounced it correctly. The English language is weird. Gunwhale. Seems like such an easy word to say.

I’ve only tried Monkish’s tripel but it was excellent.

I was in Boy Scouts where it was spelled, gunwale, but the instructors pronounced it as above. They explained that in the old days, the railings along the top edge of the sides of boats and ships were where shooters would rest their guns for aim. Why the Brewery spells it with an “h” is probably because of what we’re doing right now - talking about the name.

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Seems like it might be time for a local brewery/beer thread!


So snobby


Of course I do love me a Negra Modelo occasionally. And for some reason I enjoy Italian food with Stella Artois.