Langer's pastrami

A foodie friend is in LA right now and I was shocked to learn that he had never been to Langer’s and had no plans to go.

Eater recently published a great piece explaining why their pastrami and rye bread are superior (and why the extra ingredients in the #19 are not):

The pickles are also superior.

Too late in the evening for me to make my way through the article (I’ll do it tomorrow or over the weekend), but I have to admit that I love the #19. Yes, the pastrami is so tasty that it’s fabulous on its own. But, IMHO, the #19 is an example of more being… MORE. =)

To me the #19 is gilding the lily with cheap industrial cheese and sauerkraut, but I’m a cheese snob and ferment my own sauerkraut.

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[quote=“robert, post:1, topic:26, full:true”](and why the extra ingredients in the #19 are not):[/quote]+100.
the #19 borders gross.

My First Post. Langer’s has the best pastrami on the planet. Skip the #19 and go for all pastrami and deli mustard on the best rye on earth… :blush:


nice job weinermobile!


Had the #6 w/ thick cut pastrami today. It was glorious.


I agree w/ Tony & Weiner–stick to pastrami/mustard/rye (slaw should never meet pastrami. no mayo + meat) or go for a reuben.

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The #6 is so dangerous, and yet so good, I have to get it every time!

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I don’t disagree that the cheese is poor quality and that slaw seems random. However, the plain pastrami just seems to be missing… something. Maybe I should put more mustard on. As texturally gross as the #19 is, there’s something about the sweet, salty, and, yes, vaguely slimy and slick that, IMHO, makes for a bizarrely good balance w/ the pastrami. I know I’m alone on this, but I’m sticking to it.

The few times I’ve been, I always go w/ someone else so I can order one plain and one #19. =)

No biggie----I think it’s a “Jewish thing”. Even tho Langer’s is a Jewish deli, most Jews don’t use mayo on sandwiches (exceptions: “salad sandwiches”—tuna, egg, chicken and of course a BLT needs mayo) and slaw is usually on the side while kraut can be used on. I don’t keep kosher, and in my opinion many things taste better with cheese (but then again, cheese is one of my favorite “food groups” :wink: ).

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Firstly, I’m in the pastrami on rye with some Guldens camp. Secondly, for those of us with larger appetites, the #54 at 12 oz. of pastrami to the regular sandwich’s 7 oz. at a very reasonable price increase has been a revelation since it was brought to my attention previously. For me, it’s just right and I’m not left wanting.


Did you get it w/ the thousand island? or just pastrami and chopped liver (Langer’s chopped liver is pretty good!)?

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I like to hold on the 1000 because the onions in the chopped liver provide enough sweetness. Add some mustard and it really cuts through the richness of that sandwich.

I have seen some add a sunny side up egg to it, but damn that would be one rich sandwich. I am not a fan of Langers 1000. Now Katz’s Russian dressing is another story.

As usual wienermobile, making us salivate over Langer’s amazing pastrami! :slight_smile: Have to go back soon.


did the pastrami dip last few times…nice roll, nice jus, add horseradish for the win.

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someone post a picture of this? cuz it sounds obscene, and sounds difficult to eat.

I have seen it in person. We got sat in the back one time near the corner table and a family of 6 was there and 3 of them got it that way. I thought to myself: Am I doing this wrong the entire time?

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Went to Langer’s today and split with my son a #6 (pastrami and chopped liver) and a #44 (pastrami rueben with nippy cheese). I’m still in pastrami heaven…


Er rather make sure to order a double fucking pastrami sandwich. Since there’s too little meet on the regular varietal.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.