Le Creuset bi-material utensils

Has anyone sprung $25@ for these items? Spoon, spatula etc. Nylon and silicone? Right now Sur le Table has an exclusive on them. I’m wondering if they are truly worth the price. When I first saw them advertised I was enthusiastic and now I am back pedaling. I have so many spoons, spatulas, flippers etc. that I’m wondering if they are really worth the investment. I might send them as a gift to my niece as a birthday present. I keep nudging her with cooking. Are they that good/essential?

I use wood for products like that.


$25 for a spatula?

Is it gold? Does it have bluetooth capability? maybe its covered in Swavorski crystals…

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Agreed. I use wooden spoons in my French oven. I have a silicone whisk that I use for making béchamel, etc. - but it is so tiny and awkward. Doesn’t have the same utility as a standard wire whisk.

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I use a wooden utensil for bechamel also.

I use a wire whisk.

I use wood and silicone utensils. I just saw these advertised and Sur Le Table has an exclusive on them for a year. I was just curious

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I dislike plastic in any form. It’s a personal bias. I have a rubber whisk so I can scramble eggs for my child in a non-stick skillet, but other than that, like @catholiver said, wood works fine. I do use stainless steel utensils a lot. It depends on the circumstance.

Stainless steel scratches many materials. I am very happy with silicone. I’m frequently amazed with what is being made with it.

I use mostly stainless steel pots and pans. For enamel, I use wood utensils.

I have a ‘plastic’ flipper for turning over easy eggs.

Is it old? I don’t know of any company that is still making plastic. The melting point is so low that they are a bit of a hazard. Silicone is much more heat tolerant

That’s why I put it in quotes :slight_smile:

I have one of these that has a slight scoop to it and I really like it with Le Creuset and non stick stuff. I do not remember what I paid for it but it is robust. Has gone through the dishwasher n times and it has survived everything.

Thank you.


No. Admittedly, my partner’s the one who uses it, but he’s never mentioned spontaneously, “I love this spatula and it totally kick a$$.”

It’s very pretty. And it works just fine. And the curved aspect makes it easier to scoop up liquid to taste. But, no, it’s not worth the premium, IMHO.

I’ve moved to silicon whisks w/o an issue. I also use a flat whisk (protective plastic coiling around the metal) for custards.

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I have Kuhn Rikon silicone whisks in including the flay one as you mentioned. If Kuhn Rikon makes it, it is worth owning. I worked many years in housewares sales and management so even though retired I’m still current with most products. Here in Savannah we only have a W.S. I was curious about what people thought of this new item and since SLT has an exclusive for a year I was curious.

I think I might’ve gotten mine from World Market. Not sure who actually made it.

And I should’ve done a Google search b/f answering your post. I didn’t realize that the “bi-material” was a new line (I thought it was simply their existing line of stuff that I got from the outlet).


Disregard my response; the bi-material gets at least one good review.

I would have been surprised if Costco/World Market had it. One doesn’t find much Le Creuset in one unless it was a real bomb and they wanted to close out.

This is a few years old but I seem to regularly recall LC at Costco.