Looking for Orange County recommendations

Going to spend a few days in Laguna Beach.
Looking for dinner recommendations, preferably along the coast or not too far inland.
Thinking more along the lines of Broken Spanish/Republique/Rustic Canyon type rather than Mastro/Spago.
Looking forward to your suggestions, Thank you

Broadway by Amar Santana
Ocean on Main

Ocean on Main: Chef Craig Strong is fantastic.

Breakfast at break of dawn

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Sun coming up in the morning. The smell of of the ocean with a gorgeous view. Absolutely.

@hppzz ‘s suggestion meant breakfast at Break of Dawn…it’s a pretty popular place. The literal sense is great, too…but it’s so hard to rise early while on vacation.

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Not true . The best time is when no one is around at daybreak. Thanks for explaining though. That’s why enjoy jet lag . I will walk around in Italy very early in the morning and watch the town come to life .

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We are ok with rising early, especially on vacation, if I wanted to sleep I would just stay home!

Yep, watching a European city come to life early in the morning is a very special experience that I embrace as well.

Thank you, Ocean on Main resy is done!

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Marche Moderne in Newport Coast
Hana Re (20 min)
Taco Maria (21 min)

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LSXO in Huntington Beach has amazing food and an ocean view.

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Somewhat hijacking, but has anybody found a new go-to morning bakery down there since Jean-Paul’s Goodies closed?

I second Marche Modern and LSXO.


Welcome to FTC, @TheoMos!

Does anybody know what this is? I can’t find any information online or on Yelp. It’s across the street from Green Cheek brewery in Orange. I wouldn’t mind eating some fresh rice noodles while drinking hazy IPAs.

Has anybody been to Old Ferry Donuts on Beach Blvd? It’s a Korean brand that recently opened out here. Pics on IG look good.

A location is opening in Koreatown too, next to MUN. Haven’t had them before, but curious.