Lord help me

is there a decent burger and a beer maybe in the east valley?
burbank glendale north hollywood something like that?
pasadena is too east. anything west of noho is too west.
yes, i’ve been to gary bric’s ramp, granville and the toluca lake umami burger and the counter.
anything else, please?

The Morrison

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The morrison

morton’s bar burger (burbank)
i’ve had a good experience w/ simmzy’s burger (burbank)
i’ve also had a good experience w/ fat dog’s burger (NoHo)

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Stout in studio city is totally decent. And I thought Forman’s in Toluca Lake was alright, though the decor is kind of stupid.

Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank is more of a sausage spot but it scratches a similar itch, I find. Same with Dog Haus in Toluca Lake.

And if you don’t mind going over the hill Blue Palms in Hollywood is good too.

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you guys are so helpful. many thanks.
tony’s darts away is more of a sausage joint, although i like the place. much more so than the brewpub
on san fernando.
i’ve had the morton’s at the bar; that’s not a bad notion.
simmzy’s i’ve never heard of, but it looks o.k., too.
stout in studio city is pretty good, but i’ve done that one.
if i go over the hill, it’s to golden state or downtown to bel campo.
i’ve been to the morrison but never had their burger. maybe it’s time for a revisit.

all good things to consider in the next hour and a half or so.

again, thanks so much.

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I thought the burger @ Boneyard Bistro was pretty darn tasty (I wasn’t that fond of the Q though). They also have a good tap selection.

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I haven’t had Blue Palms’ burger in years but when I had it, it was good.

They certainly have the beer part covered

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Laurel Tavern and the Tuning Fork both have good burgers and good selections of beer. As Ns1 mentioned the Fat Dog has a good burger as well. A bit west of your parameters the Blue Dog Beer Tavern does a good job with burgers and has a good beer selection. I will have to try the Morrison.

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Boneyard’s burger is much better than their bbq, and they sometimes have Pliny the Elder on tap.

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Even Studio City? If not, then maybe The Six? I’ve only been to the one in West LA. Better than decent, but not superlative.

I assume the Simmzy’s mentioned is part of the chain? If so, I went to the Long Beach one. Can’t remember what I had, but I remember thinking the food there was perfectly fine. It’s kind of a corporate-y place (think Hillstone, but for affordable gastropubs).

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it is all of those things. but they have serviceable pub style food with decent $10-$12 cocktails, so I go there when I want a cocktail with my burger. They also have a fried apple pie donut a la mode, which I get with 2 scoops of ice cream instead of 1. Yes, I am a pig.


Oh, my comment wasn’t meant as a diss. :slight_smile: I’d be happy to have one near me although, as you imply, I’d turn into a pig (if I weren’t one already, and that’s debatable…). And I actually really like Hillstone restaurants. I just can’t afford to eat at one very often. :wink:

reporting back:

went to simmzys as it was convenient and not crowded at the bar and, what the hell, ns1 is a fine
good beer selection. good fries, although they got cold too soon. helpful barman.
the burger wasn’t good and it wasn’t awful. it was over cooked and underseasoned and the
melted cheddar didn’t taste like much. but it wasn’t dry, and in the last few bites where there
were no condiments (i’m over sweet, long cooked onions with burgers) there was some beef flavour.
34 bucks for burger, fries and two beers.

thanks to all for the suggestions. i appreciate it.


I don’t doubt the earnestness of the semi-live report except the above sentence

Morrison wouldn’t have [been] better, nor worse.

Agree about the Six. I wanted to like it a lot more than I did. Better options in the area.

I would agree with this

forgive me. let the sentence instead read, “…and, what the hell, i was forced to bow down
to the walking and talking giant, knobby, putrid and moldy latex phallus that is ns1, may he suffer
the ninth level of buddhist hell wherein he is transfixed by a spear in his anus whilst being forced to
swallow molten lead.”

p.s. mark this day down. i’ve never been called “earnest” before.


That’d be my favorite burger in the SFV right now. I really like the place.

Can’t wait for Petite Trois to open in the area and bring a new burger competitor though.

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Agree, the more choices the better. Sad that Warren’s Blackboard closed. Replacement isn’t nearly as good.