Los Angeles Street Food

I think it’s time to sing the praises of all those amazing cooks that load up their trucks and grills and vats to bring us great food, right on the street. Before food trucks, these were our heros and saviors, whether a late night drunken gratefulness for the perfect bacon-wrapped hot dog, to a suburban mom’s gratefulness to the Mexican fruit cup ladies for providing something healthy for that night’s dinner, let’s share our favorites.


I’ll start. :slight_smile:

On the street, in the no-parking zone in front of Whole Foods, Lincoln and Rose.

These guys were great. Al pastor or chicken tacos, giant quesadillas on excellent flour tortillas. and they make Mission-style burritos too. Great tortillas and salsas, and an excellent fresh cucumber garnish that is spicy and salty. I haven’t had that before.


My favorite al pastor is at Tacos La Guera on Pico and Hobart by the Smart & Final. I don’t go to Leo’s much anymore.


Love Tacos La Guera! :slight_smile:

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I’m a fan of all the fruit vendors with the rainbow umbrellas. I get all the varieties of fruit and vegetables they have and limon, salt and plenty of pico de gallo. I particularly like the ones that have coconut. Because I’m fair complected they always start by putting a tiny amount of pico de gallo on my fruit. I tell them, “Don’t let the pale skin and light hair fool you. I like it spicy.”

Is this night time only?

Yes. But don’t come too early in the night because the good stuff in the copper pot are not quite ready and you don’t want the outside layers of al pastor


Hi @LAgirl,

Yah, as @JeetKuneBao mentioned above. I posted some pics from our visits in the Taco thread:

Tacos La Guera
(Evenings only, 7 days a week, 5 p.m. - Midnight; through 1:00 a.m. on Fri - Sun)
Pico Blvd. & Hobart Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Thanks @JeetKuneBao & @Chowseeker1999! I was hoping to pop over there for a couple of lunch tacos this afternoon, but will have to check them out one evening if I’m cruising down Pico.

Ooh, that looks phenomenal!

I live right around the corner, and I’m out on foot a lot, and haven’t seen this stand yet.

Bookwich, do you happen to know what days/times they are usually there?

No, I forgot to ask. It was all very serendipitous.

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Serendipity is the spice of life!

But if I happen to luck out on them, I’ll try to remember to ask and report back.

(I gotta get some of those spiced cucumbers.)

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[quote=“SpoonLicker, post:10, topic:5295”]
I live right around the corner, and I’m out on foot a lot, and haven’t seen this stand yet.

Do you go to the mariscos stand? I thought the aguachile was pretty darn decent.

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Guerrilla Tacos- Culver City, 3.15.17, Noon

Soft Shell Crab and Sweet Potato tacos


That place is classic! It used to be my go-to spot for years. When I discovered the truck that parks on Rose at 4th (La Isla Bonita), good o’l La Playita kinda fell off my radar.

I just walked Lincoln, and your No Parking Zone taco team wasn’t there…walked a little further south to try and sniff out the new-ish taco cart that I’m told parks across from the sketchy Rite-Aid…but no luck. Maybe it’s there evenings only. (Different truck than La Oaxaqueña, which was also on my regular rotation for a long time).

(…I did notice that The Pie Hole is opening a storefront on Lincoln just south of Rose, and that there is now a Cava Grill there too. I’m not familiar with the Cava brand, but I welcome more mediterranean options nearby. Sorry for the digression on non-street food!)


Lol, maybe we,should start a Lincoln Blvd./Venice thread. (-Abbott Kinney.)


Trrrrrrrompo Thurrrrrrrsday!

I finally ran across your No Parking Zone tacos tonight. Oh man, that bubbling cauldron of buche looked pretty wild, and it was selling like crazy.

I stuck to al pastor, which was really good. (No photos 'cuz I snarfed the tacos down while walking Lincoln Blvd in the dark…Lincoln’s “ambiance” adds to the piquancy of the food, I’ll say.)

(Also reporting in that the hot pink NUDE MALE MAIDS van is still parked nearby. Does that thing ever move?)


You should knock. I’m sure they have candy. And wifi. :wink:


Don’t bother knockin’ if this van’s a… And I don’t have any candy to - oops! Dropped my apron.

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Sir, your Swiffer is showing! :flushed:

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