Lotus of Siam

nam prik ong - ground pork, tomatoes, dried spices
Refreshing crudites with a slightly spicy bolognese sauce, delicous.

pla koong - grilled shrimp, lemon grass, lime juice, thai chilis
Spicy and a bit too tart.

garlic prawns - deep fried prawns with shells, garlic sauce
Why can’t I find another place that fries the shells like this? Must order.

drunken noodles - deep fried sea bass, homemade chili, thai basils
So drunk the noodles started hitting on the prawns.

Spied @Ns1’s favorite on the menu here–the $16 chicken pad thai.

(off menu) back ribs
I wanted to try something different and the server recommend this off menu item. The four back ribs were deep fried and came with a nice garlicky, acidic dipping sauce to cut through the fat. Good, but not as good as the garlic prawns.

crispy duck with panang - crispy duck topped with thai style red cream curry sauce with cognac
The crispy parts of the duck were excellent. I like how they plated the duck to keep the skin crispy.

mango, sticky rice, coconut cream, toasted sesame seeds
Wow, the mango couldn’t have been any more perfect. @attran99 save room for dessert.

Lotus of Siam
620 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 538-6135


Give Pailin and Spicy BBQ a try if you like nam prik ong

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I wasn’t hungry until I saw your garlic prawns…and Vegas is too far away. Looks fabulous!

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No crispy duck panang? It’s my favorite at LOS.

I remember trying the thum ka noon there. It was so spicy that I almost died!

I’ve had the braised short rib panang which was very good. I’ll have to try the duck. Does it stay crispy in the panang?

Thanks for the reminder, I need to get back there again, love pailin’s khao soi.

Crispiness to the max. They fry em with a light batter.

We’ve been frying all our shrimps was this way ever since having this dish. Even David chang is on board. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpfymccFug-/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=10qmg98r12giq

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What time should I come over?

Looks like dc’s version still has the shell on the body. Any place in la that peels the shell off the shrimp halfway like at los?

I’m going to do a solo trip at LoS. Last time I was there was 10 years go. What should I get besides those amazing looking garlic prawns?

Crispy duck panang is a must. For dessert, ask for fried banana, mango sticky rice and a scoop of coconut ice cream.

The new location is much nicer, larger and more covenient to the strip. Everything is still great.
Crispy rice with sausage salad - a medley of flavors and textures. Crunchy, spicy, lemony, minty, cilantro and salt. So good and so spicy even at a 6.
Crunchy shrimp - great as always. Expertly fried.
Papaya salad - a lovely version especially love the roasted peanuts. Good spice but not too much. Got this at a 7.
Pad see ewe - kids love it. I love it. Wife loves it. The noodles offset some of the heat.

A diverse sake selection. We got this. It was on my list from the extensive sake thread but not sure how it would pair. we loved it. Great sweetness to balance out the heat.


Booked a last minute trip, and I was looking to take the husband there for his first time and meet up with friends celebrating their birthday. No reservations available for Sunday evening. We were looking to eat early since the celebrant is pregnant and they’re bringing along their rambunctious toddler. Is it worth it to risk and try to get a walk-in when they open?

Go there for lunch when they open and you shouldn’t have a problem getting in. Then go to town with their garlic prawns and crispy duck panang. I also like their nam prik ong.

@moonboy403 only open for dinner on the weekends.

Sorry, I didn’t realize that they don’t open for lunch on weekends. I’ve never tried walking in so can’t help you there =/

Did you call the restaurant? I tried online for weekend reservations and couldn’t find anything before 9:30pm. I called the restaurant and got reservations for 6pm for 6 people.

@js76wisco I called this morning at opening. They said they were fully committed for Sunday.

my wife walked in with large group 8-10 right when they opened and only waited an hour. with smaller group you should be ok…but not sure about waiting with toddler.

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