Low Key Christmas for two old friends

An old friend will be visiting me in West LA this week. Neither of us are particularly in a holiday frenzy this year; still, I’d like to have a few low key options for us to try on Dec 24 and/or Dec 25.

Price is a concern, I’d like to keep either dinner to under $50/pp not including booze or tip. He is, unfortunately, a cautious eater with diner/moderate cuisine tastes. (He’s white and grew up poor in the Midwest for reference.)

Years ago friends had a great Christmas experience at the Pikey. Are there any other suggestions for us?

Maple block?
Father’s office

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Nook might be perfect for this

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Here’s a list that Eater LA compiled.

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Adding a few more:

Metro Cafe. Food is always good. Small, kitchen can be slow when busy. Owner is often there - very cordial. Very reasonable prices.

Mar Vista. Bigger space, locally supported. We’ve had some pretty good meals there. Pretty broad menu. $50 per can easily be done.

Belle Vie. The menu is small as is the space. But the food has been very enjoyable. Like Metro Cafe, the owner is often there and is very coridal. $50 per for food will be well spent - but it’s worth spending a little more if your friend doesn’t object.

Westside Tavern. The largest of my suggestions but the booths are very comfortable. It can get loud. Food has always been very good, bar is very respectable, specials are worth considering. $50 per for comfortable eating should be about right.


Forgot to mention - no idea about the holiday hours for any of these places.

26 Beach

And, yes, most definitely OPEN on Christmas.

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+1 - my go-to for visitors with similar tastes. Also Bandera and Hillstone, which are probably open Christmas Eve but not Christmas Day.

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Ach, I thought Nook could be perfect, too. It will be closed on Dec 24 and 25.

Thank you for the suggestions!

I’ve made some inquiries, and just in case anyone is reading this with a similar question will be updating my progress.

Yet to contact: Father’s Office, La Belle Vie, Bandera or Hillstone.

What I know via phone calls:

Maple Block open 12/24, closed 12/25

Cafe Metro Open breakfast and lunch 12/24, closed 12/25

Westside Tavern “not sure of hours” 12/24, closed 12/25.
I will call again next week if I need to know the 12/24 hours there. I like Westside Tavern’s food a lot. Also big fan of sitting at the bar, or going to a movie and having a reservation timed right at movie ending.

I liked the list from Eater LA. Some of it would be great if we had a larger wallet, and some would be great for our budget if his palate were slightly different. But! It’s Christmas and it’s a joy to spend it with an old friend. Greenblatt’s could be good, as could Genghis Cohen, or Brent’s Deli.

I’ve also sent him an email asking if he’d like to eat at my place, via Blue Apron. I haven’t heard back about that, and am loath to go ahead because of the potential food waste issue. (If I reactivate my account, I want to be sure I will be home to cook the food.)


If deli works for you, you might want to see if Wexler’s Deli or Nate n Al will be open on Christmas day.

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FO is closed 12/24 and 12/25.

24th: Tavern at the bar. Vito on Ocean Park, Ingo’s Tasty Diner, R+D Kitchen, Galley, Chez Jay
25th: Whatever is still showing reservations available on opentable or Resy

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I have a similar request, but I am looking for somewhere to take my 92 yo mom on the 23rd for lunch on the westside. Napa Valley Grill is my fallback. How is South Beverly Grill? Anything in Sherman Oaks? Really don’t want to drive to heck and back since I’m doing a roundtrip from SD.

Dunno your budget but on the 23rd how about Michaels?

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South Beverly grill is great, I like all hillstone locations in LA.

Like Vito’s, I’m pretty sure Michael’s is dinner only. I am looking for lunch. While not great, Palomino would have worked, unfortunately they closed.

Thanks! Liked Houston’s and Gulfstream in Century City. I know that they are gone and I don’t want to brave a mall with mom on the 23rd and I would prefer to stay away from 2nd and 3rd street in SM.

Ah, my bad. Reading comprehension problems. Or, really, just reading problems.

Tavern in Brentwood?