M Con, M-Con, MCon, has anyone been?


Purports to be Taiwanese inspired/influenced, which always piques my interest. Not like the typical gua bao, more like English muffin buns…

I’m here right now and sampled a few things. I dig it, it’s casual, affordable, and fun. Worth checking out if you’re in the area since there’s not much around here like this.

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Thanks for the report back! Going to be in the area next week. Going to to have to try that chopped salad. yum.


Here’s my honest thoughts. First off, the food is pretty polished, though I wish things were slightly dialed up on flavor. Thankfully the housemade sambal really helps with that, and it makes everything from the ribs to the sandwiches better. If I lived in the area, I’d probably come by once a week for a sandwich and side, and get out for under $15

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Thanks Matt! Glad to hear it’s worth checking out at least.

Oh, I meant to put a link to the Eater article in the OP, but better late than never: http://la.eater.com/2016/4/22/11485562/m-con-beverly-open-photo-menu

Thanks Peter

Sambal? Interesting. Is it a straight-up sambal olek type of sambal or more complex with balacan or anchovies? Thanks.

decent hot sauce, but may be ranked the worst Chinese food in LA, and possibly the worst Taiwanese food in all of America. Definitely worse than Baroo. Spent close to $30 for 2 drinks, 1 app and 2 mains. You’re just going: WTF just happened here? The only saving grace is the beer tap, which isn’t operating yet. So, yes, fail on every front, including the BS pricing.

I spat out the radish cake “fries”:

They were undercooked with too much flour. Maybe if someone binded jizz with potato starch and fried that? Possibly the same effect.

This shop couldn’t even cook white rice right, the pickles completely wrong and bland. buns for sandwiches were dry, unsupportive and flavorless. AND it took forever for the food to come out

But hey, it’s cute AF, so people are visiting? Dunno. This was so hilariously horrific I ended up taking the Chiense person forced to eat this culinary shame to Sweet Rose as an apology, so lunch actually cost $40. $40 could’ve yielded 4 bowls of beef noodle soup at Corner Noodle House.

that had to have been the worst of '16 so far, right above el Chavo’s first revamp.


maybe it needed some jizz for a dipping sauce


Thanks for the report. Have you been to El Chavo’s re-revamp with Phillip Frankland Lee’s good?

Went last week but didn’t think it was worth more than a short tweet. Had the chicken sandwich which was just OK.

Bang. Bang.

(my homage to kevin…)

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Tony, what you didn’t state was that you went a week after they opened. Oh, and it also seems like you’re a little bit “out” to get them. Why not be a reasonable reviewer, go back with an open mind, and judge them again?

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As with Baroo, which I doubt you went to more than once (though if you did I’m surprised you disliked it), you’re always ready to be a contrarian. I get it, it’s your shtick. You’ve literally done this for a decade. And it seemingly gives your loud voice a presence. People get in awe because you’re always ready to contradict popular opinions. But it doesn’t make you an authority to people who actually cover this industry.


Well isn’t that… descriptive.

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Who could have binded jizz with potato starch? Hmm, who? Could it be… mmm… SATAN!!!


I live walking distance to the place. I went last night with four friends. My secret agenda was to see if my experience would either confirm or negate that of @TonyC 's experience, as his credibility seems to have been called to question.

It was not good. I might deign to call it basic, but it’s really less than that. The fried chicken was obviously pre-cooked, not of particularly good quality, flavorless, and sort of dry.We were told that the bun was a take on a scallion pancake by the way of an english muffin. It had none of the good qualities of either: paradoxically underdone and dry simultaneously, and devoid of any onion flavor. The size of the thing is a bit unwieldy and might benefit from being cut in half prior to serving, The turnip cake fries were alright, but I rarely say no to any unassuming, bland starch that is deep fried. The unidentified white stuff on the cup tasted like tartar sauce sans pickle relish bits. And the only thing that saved any of this meal was slathering copious amounts of their hot sauce on every single thing . Even the mint green iced tea didn’t know which way it was going: not minty enough, but not green tea-ish enough, but not really watery either. It probably could have used some of the hot sauce as well. I didn’t even finish eating the awkward bun and longed for a walkable ice cream joint that my neighborhood still lacks. My friends concurred with my experience to a greater or lesser extent on various levels: the brisket sandwich was determined to be the least appealing of the bunch and none of us are itching to return.

I respectfully remain Team @TonyC fo’ life.


Oh, gawd. Sometimes things are ridiculous and sublime. That just sounds bad. :frowning:

I’m Team CoCo, FWIW. :wink:


I don’t care how much he drinks before he posts :wink: - I think if TonyC had been there to be the first to call the earth round and the sun being the center of our solar system, things would have been much different then as well as today.


siding with Tony here. Unfortunately nothing of redeeming quality for me here. The daikon cake fries were inedible for me. Everything else seemed bland and boring.

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