M. Georgina


i would go broke…

It’s equivalent to $45.65 a bottle, which is less than any of the bottles on Frances’s list.

i am afraid i would just keep getting new bottles :slight_smile:

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Fairly underwhelming dinner at M. Georgina last night, perhaps I had too high of an expectation, and the place did not quite deliver.
Squid ink pita was very tasty. Scallop crudo and Kanpachi tartar were just good.
Celery Root soup felt too thin and too acidic. Semiolina mafadine was also quite acidic and certainly not al-dente, and overall not worth the carbs. Pork testa was great. Lamb and duck were perfectly cooked. Potato side dish was undercooked and did not seem worthwhile. Service was incompetent.
It was over 60 minutes after ordering that we saw the first morsel of food arrive. About 30 minutes into that wait as we were on our second bottle of champagne that we brought, I asked for bread, which did not arrive until about another 30 minutes later, and so on with everything service related.
I like the ROW, I wished it had more life in it. Walking around after dinner, I wistfully walked by Hayato and waved at Brandon tidying up his place after his dinner service, who smiled and waved back.
I do not see myself driving for 45-60 minutes to M. Georgina ever again.
I would rather go to Bestia or Majordomo, or even Factory Kitchen.



Mediocre food. Not a lot of research done before opening. And you can blame the late arrival of food on the lack of good leadership in the kitchen.

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M. Georgina is participating in DineLA for those interested in trying.

Correct my math if I’m wrong, but it seems less expensive to order three courses a la carte.

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@Bookwich to be honest, I didn’t even check the mathematical calculations. I just posted it in case someone was interested at giving it a go.

Edit: From the fine print and my interpretation, the entire table gets everything on the DineLA menu as each item is served family style. So no need to pick and choose. And the coullotte is $33 alone…the crudites and cotto are $14 a piece. So at 33+14+14 for just those dishes it’s $61. I can’t verify the cost of the remaining 3 dishes since they’re not on the current online menu. Probably a good chance that there some savings as it’s $59 per person before drinks, tax, and tip.


Does it mean $59 for the course (regardless of party size) or does it mean $59 per person?

If it is per person, then we don’t know how they are portioning the DineLA meal (other than it will be served “family style”), so we cannot make any conclusions about whether it is going to be more or less expensive than ordering a la carte.

If it is $59 for the course regardless of party size, then it seems like it is pretty heavily discounted.

I had their recently offered regular tasting menu on their first weekend of offering it. If I remember right, that was $75 per person. If I did the math for my dishes correctly, it did work out to a small/modest discount on everything. If the DineLA is similar to their regular tasting then I can confirm that they are served family style. That might be why there’s multiple dishes for the first 2 “courses”. I think each dish is meant to be served for 2 so if you came as a party of 4 you’d get 2 dishes of each item (my party was 2).

In general, I can only comment on my experience with the tasting menu. I came in with no expectations and had a favorable experience. A couple of dishes were rather salty but the rest of the 11 dishes (including bread) were good. Enjoyed the kale spaghetti (not a pasta pro though), lamb (appears to be replaced by Wagyu), cod, crudites and the oyster thing (don’t remember which of the 2 on their menu I got). First course came a bit fast with a few too many plates all at once but afterwards the pace smoothed out. Service was great but that might have been because the restaurant was rather quiet that night. The amount I got overall was very filling.

I think I’d like to go back and try the squid ink pita, duck, and ice cream which were not on the tasting menu but had favorable comments on here. Otherwise, not sure I’d be overly compelled to go back unless my next visit has something unexpectedly very compelling.

One thing that does make it easier for me to think about is the location. The Row is a nice area, if quiet which I actually prefer, and the easy and cheap/free parking makes it a lot more attractive. I’ve been looking at DTLA/Arts District restaurants recently to try out and I’ll admit to being a bit more shy when I hear street parking is difficult and the valet is $12 before tip.


33 (beef) + 14 (appetizer ) + 11 (dessert)=$58

I’ve noticed this at other places too, not just here. :slight_smile:

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Why, as a brand new poster, do you believe there is a lack of leadership in the kitchen? Just curious.

Welcome @YouFoods!

Also curious what this means.

Note: I enjoyed my visit to M. Georgina but I’m not rushing nor have I rushed back.

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Oh my visit was extremely pleasant, despite my “critiques.”
I’ve cooked and worked different areas of restaurants in LA for a few years now. From why I would like to see of openings, M Georgina missed some marks. The flavors are all too familiar. Not just having had a certain vegetable before, but the ingredients are tired and executed in an off-balance fashion. It’s evident they hardly planned a season’s menu. Really last minute improvising going on.
Viewing as a diner that’s cooked, everyone’s running in circles. There’s no uniform “callback,” and I see up to six people trying to manage tickets.


Interesting observation!

Haha your three sentences were so cryptic I wanted to know more. Thanks for expanding!

I can only imagine Perello is swamped with the Frances 10 year dinners. She probably hasn’t been down here much but really I have no idea.

Shit happens. David Chang didn’t plan to abandon Majordomo right after opening to fulfill his contractual obligation to go to Korea for the Olympics. Luckily his staff didn’t miss him much.

Hmnn, quite a dichotomy between the effusive review from the Los Angeles times and the views posted here. I tend to trust FTC posters more.