Majordomo - chinatown


Gah they don’t have it tonight! What a tragedy. I’ll have to call ahead next time. I’m sure I’ll be able to put together a decent meal though…


After two meals, I think the food here ranges from ordinary to very good. My favorite dish so far has been the duck with crispy rice (mentioned above). The uni & tofu dish was also good. I’ve found all the vegetable dishes I’ve tried here (e.g., the cauliflower and smoked cabbage) to be unremarkable.


The broccoli that came with the steak we had in June was great.

So were the onion rings, but I’m not sure those count as a vegetable dish.


Making a reservation to go for the first time.
Is patio seating ok, or one must go for the dining room?


It’s all good.


Some people might even prefer the patio as it is more quiet. The heaters work pretty well, but I haven’t sat outside during the winter.


Each of the 3 spaces really has a different vibe



cave aged butter, white sturgeon caviar
butter had a pleasant bit of funk to it

black truffle, cultured butter, honey
doesn’t appear to be on the menu anymore but ask for it anyway, because bee’s knees.

spicy lamb

benton’s reserve ham

(new) mussels, shishito dashi, pickled chili
this was great, mussels were perfectly plump, sauce had great flavor with a bit of heat. came with a bowl of rice so you can use up all the sauce.

fried oxtail, salsa seca, peanuts, chili
the bowl was cleaned

santa barbara uni, tofu, yuzu
light, bright and sesame-y.

macaroni and chickpea, hozon, perigord black truffle
another highlight. folding the black truffles into the hot pasta released an intense aroma with flavor to match. it’s going to be a good truffle season. best fucking vegan dish i’ve ever had.

bs fries, melted raclette sauce
i don’t know how they fucking do it but these fries are incredible. shatteringly crispy on the outside with a creamy almost mashed potato inside. This and the truffle fries at cut are the best i’ve had in the city.

crispy pork belly, kohlrabi, lettuce, domojang

smoked cabbage, brown butter, macadamia

fried cauliflower, fish sauce vinaigrette, red onion, cilantro

whole grilled striped bass, sichuan black bean sauce, herbs
perfectly grilled fish with crispy skin, sauce had a bit of ma la that was brilliantly balanced by the fresh vietnamese-y herbs. huge fish ~3lbs. came with a big bowl of rice, so satisfying.

APL whole plate short rib
APL should stand for Amazing Piece of Livestock. Still the best thing on the menu.


beef rice, horseradish, glistening fat

passion fruit kakigori, pineapple, orange cream, meringue
tasted like an awesome refreshing creamsicle. orange cream in the middle.


Boy that guy (Chang) is creative! Great photos (clever gif), love the color of the Shishito Dashi.

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Trying to figure out how big the portions are. How many were with you?


This looks like an incredible meal. I’ve been torn about going to this place, having had mixed experiences with Mr. Chang’s restaurants (and in particular a bad, expensive meal at Momofuku Ko), but this sealed the deal for me.


there were four of us and food for about six. the fish alone can feed at least two, and the apl ribs, four.


That fish is my next downtown meal. I will probably make sure we have French fries also. Thanks for giving us regular menu updates, you’re the best. :slight_smile:

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$132 is kind of steep for fries, though they do come with two sides.

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happy to report that my issues with David Chang are being slowly remedied by listening to his podcast in depth. I quite like it.


after offering my cat some of my bing it thanked me by sitting at the corner of the table out of arm’s reach and silently judging me while i ate, per protocol.

not google but bing

cultured butter, honey, black truffle
fucking delicious

smoked pork, spicy pineapple
i liked this better than the pork neck and pineapple. the pork had great charred and crispy bits on the edges and again was like a bing al pastor.

bs fries, raclette sauce
the server mentioned this takes two to three days to make, i didn’t catch all the details but i think freezing and dehydrating are involved.

roasted duck crispy rice, citrus, dates, turnips
came back just for this and it’s now my favorite dish at majordomo, besides the apl ribs, butter honey truffle ham lamb bing, and bs fries. the duck breast is aged for several days and roasted with honey and spices. underneath the crispy rice are tokyo turnips and confit leg meat. everything is topped with smoked duck broth made with dashi, orange peel and star anise. the breast meat was the softest most tender duck i’ve ever had and had a texture of a rare prime rib. the whole thing reminded me of duck a’lorange, tahdig, chazuke, dolsot bibimbap and those packets of duck sauce you get at chinese takeout places, all in one. fucking brilliant and now my favorite duck dish in the city besides charcoal and chi spacca. @Chowseeker1999 give it a try if you haven’t yet.

kaikigori, grapefruit, blood orange, valencia orange syrup
like a creamsicle, only better.


They sold out of the duck last time I was there…looks wonderful

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Going to Majordomo for the first time…very excited but can not figure out what to order for a group of 5 omnivores.
I guess APL whole plate short rib is a must. Or is it?
What else to order besides that? Could you please construct your best order for our group? Much appreciate it.


here are few of my favorite things…

Bing - i like the butter and honey, egg and smoked roe, spicy lamb
Appetizers - stuffed pepper, oxtails
Market - Bounty bowl, marinated mushrooms, fried sprouting cauliflower
Noodles - Macaroni and chickpea
Meat - roasted duck crispy rice, APL whole plate short rib

BS fries if possible
don’t forget the kakigori,i personally like the citrus ones

edit: this is all based on their menu online, which is updated pretty regularly.


The macaroni and chickpea hozon is surprisingly good for a vegan dish. One of the more memorable dishes I ate last year.

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