Marketing Fails

Two things I stumbled across today, both related to marketing, ethnicities, and stereotypes:

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these chefs/companies can make any food they want–just don’t denigrate, mock, or shame the food/culture they’re trying to make money off of (cc: andrew zimmern lucky cricket as well). Instead, promote that culture’s foods and values.

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More on “Lucky Lee’s”

The restaurant’s response, via Instagram:

Hmmm, not exactly an apology. More like justifying their obvious insensitivity and ignorance.

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I’m not sure this article belongs here but it was a good read on the fancy Chinese food movement.


love it.things i’ve been hoping to hear all along.

"Why is this so expensive?’ I’d like if they thought about that for Italian food or French food,” he said. “The sophistication of Chinese food is just as high.

“It’s like, I’m sure you’re not complaining about the price of the agnolotti that was last night’s roast that’s ground up,” he continued. “A leftover dumpling that’s basically served back to you.”

I’ll like to see any asian and nonasian complainers try to pleat the xlb or pull some hand noodles or make overnight pho broth and see how much skill and sophistication is involved.

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