Mastro's Steakhouse Beverly Hills

Treating a friend next month. What damage am I looking at financially? Also, what to order? I love porterhouse. Any good sides?


Mastro’s BH!!! My favorite steakery. For maximum people-watching fun, reserve seats in the Penthouse (warning: The penthouse can get a ‘tad’ loud).

(Note: Prices are approximations from my ever-dwindling memory…)

Appetizer: Seafood tower ($50 & up… and up)

Steak: Bone-in ribeye 22oz. ($85, as I recall), or the large off-the-menu tomahawk ribeye ($125)

Sides: Lobster mashed potatoes, Alaskan king crab truffle gnocchi, sautéed sugar snap peas (I forget how much these sides cost)

Dessert: Signature warm butter cake ($17.50?), cherry crisp($15?)

All delicious.

p.s. Enigmatically, the best porterhouse in that part of town is at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, not Mastro’s.

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I figured you’d be ballin’ at CUT. :wink:

You know I recently visited Ruth Chris to watch a game at the bar cuz it’s a chill spot and that porterhouse was really super as well. The filet part was like maguro in texture. Not this past time but I’ve gotten a lobster on he side with claws and knuckles taken out of the shell Kevin style with melted butter. Agree penthouse at Mastros is fun but so can be the area with the piano bar if ur in the mood for that. Hell all hose darn steaks are great.

I’ve never gotten out of there for less than $125-$140/person depending on whether I’m with someone who likes to split things. Went a couple weeks ago, we split the Filet, the Mac and Cheese and the Spinach, each had two drinks, the bill was $160.


I haven given CUT several chances to impress me. It has not done so. From overcooking my steak every frigging time, to prematurely clearing my plate before I was finished, to having to ask multiple times before getting a water glass filled (for that price point, the service should be on par)… Nah, I’m done with CUT.

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Wow, good to know JL. I haven’t been yet, still living vicariously through you. :stuck_out_tongue:

But bone marrow flan is so worth the visit. I have had no problems with CUT, well except for their absurd charge for sparking water and the wall decorations.

For a porterhouse, I think the one at Wolfgang’s (not to be confused with Puck’s Cut) is outstanding–as close as we have here to Peter Luger’s. The rest of the entrees there I couldn’t tell you about but the sides are fine, with the German potatoes being the classic pairing.

Thank you for all the replies. I have no choice a friend chose this place. I’ll take pics and report back. I would have rather gone to Morton’s. I’m crying over yogachicks post.

that was my one and only experience at cut also… my steak came way overcooked. in my book, that’s a cardinal sin. even if its easily correctable, for the price i’m paying for a steak, it should come right the first time so everyone at hte table can eat at hte same time. have had many meals at luger’s in NYC and alexander’s in the bay area, and if no thing else, the steaks have always come cooked to my specification.

that’s my problem with wolfgangs…they have a great lunch special on a burger too which should be great but they can’t ever seem to do any less than well done…maybe the b team at lunch…plus the d in maitre d last time i was there stood for d-bag.

JL, Im gonna print this out when I visit soon again.

It is incredibly fucking expensive. For these prices, one might as well just hit up some dope fucking omakase sushi.

Why is Wolgang’s “enigmatically” the best Portherehouse ??? What do you mean by that ???

Is the Penthouse were the really nice eye candy hangs out in addition to some dope fucking hookers ???

thanks man.

i went to mastros bh for the first time not too long ago, and was distinctly underwhelmed by the food, the service and the eye candy.

Agreed. I’ve been to Cut 3 times and never left totally impressed.

Their meat quality has really gone down recently. I wonder if it has to do w/ being bought out by the Landry’s company, who run a bunch of mediocre chain restaurants.

The Penthouse has the younger aged eye candy.

For hookers, you want to be on the 2nd level where the piano bar is…or so I’ve heard.

JL. Fucking enigmatic ???

Please explain.

Thanks man.

Every single Mastro’s thread degenerates into a discussion of eye candy and prostitution.

Always the same people too :smirk:


It does degenerate into those utter depths since we’re all just a bunch of degenerates.