May 2021 Rundown


filet uh fish - crispy albacore, tartar sauce, pickles, raw onion, on a potato roll

steak tartare - shallots, pickles, lemon juice, anchovy, celtuce, pumpkin seeds, egg jam toast, alpine cheese

santa barbara stone crab stuffed with
sugar snap pea spätzle


How was it? Been meaning to check it out.

That looks damn good. Looks like its in the former Trois Familia spot.

I need to move to Silver Lake

Too late; entire world moved there, like, 5-10 yrs ago. :wink:


I may have drooled on my phone screen.

Boo’s Korea town for a mushroom steak with provolone.


Bay cities godmother with spicy works.

Good as ever. No bread cutting mouth.


It’s SPOT PRAWN season. These are from Morro Bay, char-grilled for a couple of minutes.


Where did u buy?

Stephanie Mutz L.A. delivery service.

Also available in SGV at Seafood Paradise on Garvey.

They usually show up in the tanks at 99Ranch in mid-May. That’s generally the best price.


pretty good neighborhood spot if you’re in the area.

Many thanks to @gudgud for their recent mention of Peru’s Taste. Was in that part of the Valley to pick up a travel clock from Craigslist (and ended up seeing the seller’s restored Ford Model A [!!!], which was AMAZING) and decided to stop by Peru’s Taste. They’re no longer doing outdoor dining (they are doing indoor) but allow you to use their outdoor tables to eat your takeaway. Arroz con mariscos, ceviche carretillero, and ají de gallina. All just delicious. The orange sauce, in partcular, is like like chile crack.

The ají de gallina is creamy and comforting, but perhaps not a great match for today’s relative (weather) warmth. I ordered a fish + mixed seafood for the ceviche carretillero, but the fish chunks were so tender that I think getting all fish is the way to go. Wonderfully lemon-y, and who knew sweet potato + lemon would go so well together??? (I am normally not a sweet potato fan) The fried or roasted corn is a bit odd. Nicely crisp on the first bite, but then you just get starch. The arroz portion is sizable, and, literally, very heavy (as in, I almost dropped the box when pulling it out of the bag).

Special occasion homemade ragù (from Epicurious) and pappardelle from Epicurus. :slight_smile: Partner added more veal than the recipe calls for, and put the soffritto through a blender. Yum.


One of my favorites in the whole freaking city. Glad you went and enjoyed.

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Yes, your report (from MANY years ago) was what originally brought me out there way back when! I need to go more often. So damn tasty, and the people working there seem very sweet.

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Not sure if this counts.

I opened my front door to go walk my dog and this…

I guess it’s FREE Five Guys day. Cinco de Guy-O.

Burger with relish, onion, tomato and mushroom with A1 sauce. Yeah, not my choice of toppings but the price was right.

Cajun fries were not bad.

There was no address on the receipt, so I didn’t know to whom it belonged. None of the neighbors were home.


Food delivery error in your favor!

I thought it was actually free five guys and was ready to rush out to get my order in lol


Gotta say, the delivery error food I get here is not that good.

Last year, I got a pile of Chinese food. All my least favorite dishes.

I’m going to pass out flyers in the neighborhood telling people what I like.


Wondering how comprehensive the search for neighbors was…like OJs for “the real killers?”


First time trying ADB. The hype is real. That biscuit is amazing.


Las Fuentes in Reseda for lunch today.

:musical_note:warm smell of mulitas rising up through the air :musical_note:

They put bacon in their mulitas. It’s true what they say about bacon. They serve with sour cream and guacamole.

They really load up their tacos. The asada tacos are about $3.50 each but they are loaded with nuggets of steak that are chopped into larger pieces than most places.

Some fully dressed carnitas tacos…

They really are careful here. They have about 10 spaces set aside for curbside pickup. You can go in and order but it is really distanced. You then exit and wait outside at a designated pickup area.

We ate in the car next to a park.

Oh, and the meal came with free air freshener…

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