Michelin California

Seems like a bunch of marketing. Is there something I’m missing?

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Nice list.


Finally managed to preorder from Horn.

Horn was great, got there at 1130 on a Sunday and waited maybe 45 minutes

“new” la restaurants:

birdie g’s
gabi james
jeong yuk jeom
pasta bar


I haven’t even heard of most of these places

I know what three of them are and recognize two other names though I can’t remember anything about them.

edit - just went to agnes for lunch - had an incredible vegan eggplant sandwich.

From my understanding these are just “new” restaurants and any new stars are going to be announced later?

They’re the new additions to “The Plate” category. Per Eater, new stars will be announced in late September.

right, these are “new” restaurants to the guide that may or may not earn stars/bib gourmands when they’re announced later this month.

Today, the Michelin Guide announced neither of those distinctions, but instead 10 of its recent favorites that for now are labeled as “new.” Come late September, when the full awards are announced, it’s possible—but not guaranteed—that some of these spots could earn stars or a Bib Gourmand nod.


My bet is Michelin just added its new The Plate entries and none of them will switch to Bib Gourmand or stars. They might add the new Bib Gourmand entries before announcing the stars as well.

The Plate is basically the same as Bib Gourmand only it doesn’t come in under the maximum price.

Warrior: I think Michelin stars are legit, but Bib Gourmand and plates, not so much, particularly when it comes to non-European restaurants. It’s like classical music aficionados providing a guide to rock and hip hop albums. Probably the Bib Gourmand methodology is: (1) assemble a list of diverse restaurants that seem to be popular with foodies but obviously aren’t going to get a star; (2) eat at it once and if you don’t hate it, give it a Bib Gourmand; (3) throw in some bizarre choices like Thai Thing to disguise your methodology. Take Meals by Genet for example. Am I supposed to believe they ate at numerous Ethiopian restaurants and confirmed that the one Ethiopian restaurant on Jonathan Gold’s list is truly the best in LA? My suspicion is that’s the only one they tried.

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I mean, “Jonathan Gold was right” is not exactly an earthshattering statement


Jeong yuk jeom is a solid Korean BBQ restaurant. Their marinated prime galbi is one of the better versions in town.

Also, pretty sure it was in an episode of I Think You Should Leave, though they weren’t actually eating Korean food during the sketch ha.


@BlurA14 Which sketch? (I love that ITYSL is showing up more and more on this board.)