Mini Kabob

They deserve their own thread. and shout out to their super friendly service.

chicken thigh shish kabob
so juicy and flavorful and that fluffy basmati rice underneath soaking everything up is incredible. @NYCtoLA
the hummus, tomato, onions and pepper are no slouches either.

beef lule kabob
moist and delicious, flavored with fresh herbs and spices

chicken and beef combo
chicken is perfect, I prefer the beef lule over the beef shish kabobs


our go to kebab, the eggplant caviar is actually our favorite.


The cutlet is insane. Highly recommended the next time you hit it if you’ve not had it before.

Mini Kabob is my favorite.


Jelly… I’ve tried to go to Mini Kabob like four times this pandemic. They close at 6p, which is hard for me to schedule around since I’m on call until then. THEY SELL OUT. I finally re-arranged my calendar to make it over there by 5p and no food. :((((( I went to Elenas which is still great… but man was I salty. So call ahead. My schedule can turn a corner on a dime, so I hate to order a head since there is always a chance someone will fluff up my plans. :((((

But thanks for the post… looks great… :wink:

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thanks @hppzz and @rlw, the eggplant caviar and cutlet will be on my next order. do you prefer the chicken or beef cutlet?

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The chicken cutlet is the one I always get :drooling_face:


eggplant caviar and chicken cutlet acquired, thanks @hppzz and @rlw. they were both great and I think the chicken cutlet might have surpassed the chicken thigh to be my favorite. @TheCookie


Spreading the good word of the cutlet! I feel like it doesn’t get nearly enough shine because it’s kabob-adjacent, but it really is tremendous.


Ohhh that looks good! And that IG video @rlw! :drooling_face:


one of the few things that gets better traveling in the takeout container. and don’t sleep on the lamb chops either. @NYCtoLA (7)