Momofuku to drop no tipping policy!

They tried a no tipping policy for several years and it did not work, according to the people at Momofuku Ko. Other prominent restos have tried it and also did not work. However, they are leaving prices the same…Momofuku Ko Ditches No-Tipping Model - Eater NY

It’s the two-tier wage system that keeps tipping alive. At this point there’s way to much cultural momentum to kill tipping as a ‘movement’ alone. If we ever want to get rid of this odious, discriminatory, classist practice, it will require laws/regulation.

Get rid of the 2nd lower wage for servers. Prohibit hidden ‘service’ fees, and insist that listed/menu prices include ALL taxes and fees. For everything. Groceries, yard equipment, shoes, all of it.

Given the current state of the country, I am under no illusion anything like this will come to pass. Undoubtedly, business-friendly courts would kibosh such rules as violating corporate freedom of speech.


There aren’t two tiers in California.

Restaurants would very strongly object to putting everything in the menu prices due to lease agreements often giving landlords a percentage of gross receipts.

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New York uber-restaurateur and owner of Shake Shack, Danny Meyer was one of the first to institute a no tipping policy at his high-end restaurants. He has since dropped the practice…