Moscow Mule! Halp?!?!?!

Craving a Moscow Mule right about now and looking for a place between say East Hollywood and DTLA that serves a decent one. Solid food would be a bonus.

And it’s for four guys, so more of a bro style hangout than a date night place, if that makes any sense.

TIA, dudes and ladies!

The Black Cat (Sunset & Hyperion)

Everson Royce Bar (DTLA, near Bestia)

Tam O’Shanter Inn (Los Feliz)

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I believe all of the 1933 Group bars have Moscow Mules or similar on their HH menu, which runs daily til 8p. No food, but mostly fun settings & decent (and cheap at HH) drinks.

Bigfoot Lodge, The Thirsty Crow, and La Cuevita are the ones in your area.


Real copper mug on demand (usu. ID required).

If you make them at home, BevMo has Stoli Ginger Beer which is EXCELLENT for Mules. Just get a better vodka (I have Dillon’s)


We ended up at Everson Royce, which was a decent call, although the cocktail was served in a collins glass rather than a copper mug. The mug may be a gimmick but it’s what I prefer. Collins glasses always feel a bit too dainty for me. Not sure what ginger beer they were using but the drink favored spice over sweet or citrusy.

Had a handful accompanied by solid french fries and a delicious but wildly overpriced minimalist cheeseburger.

the lack of copper mug is a drag but the way you describe the drink sounds pretty darn good.

THANK YOU. finally. someone.

I mean, come on! The thing is ten bucks and should cost maybe four. After a few mules, my decision making capabilities were blunted to the point that it seamed like a good call.

Cool tell me where to get a better cheeseburger for $4.

Fun fact. There was never such a drink in Russia or Moscow. I’m sure it’s there now though.

IIRC it was invented as a way to sell vodka to Americans.

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I prefer the Belcampo fast burger for that price. The double fast is still cheaper than what you get at ERB. I’m not saying it wasn’t good. I am saying the QPR is way, way off.

They serve it at 1 am?

Personally I enjoy the ERB burger more than the $13 Belcampo burger.

Hopefully there are some more $4 burgers to to try?

The cheeseburger (aka “Karma Burger”) at Haché LA is 5.95, and is very good.


Exact same as burger at Mick’s Karma Bar in OC? I know same owner. Talked to him about opening Hache a long while back.

I’d still rather eat the ERB burger.

The next closest burger I could think of was the double cheeseburger at Button Mash, but that’s $9 so about the same as ERB.

ERB is also serving these burgers in some of the most expensive real estate in all of LA… I guess that is never really factored into price though.

Remember, it’s actually a $10 burger.

I must be fortunate that that seems cheap to me. I really do not care a lot about price if something tastes amazing to me. But $10 really didn’t phase me… The cocktails cost $14…

It’d it cost $100 I would be slightly more aligned with the hatred of it…

Idk. $10 really breaks most people’s bank accounts?

Well, it doesn’t matter to me unless it’s just ridiculous, but you were the one that said if there was a better burger for $4. That’s the only reason I raised the price issue.

If you want a cheap burger, nothing wrong with that. But don’t then turn around and say how cheap other people are.

“The kettle called, says someone named black is on the line.”


You aren’t quite following the whole thread exactly, someone said the ERB burger sucks because is $10 and should be $4 since there are tons of way better burgers around town for $4.

So I asked for the list of all these burgers better than ERB for $4.

There don’t seem to be nearly as many alternatives as that complaint alleged. And none of them even fall in the $4 price range themselves.