Mother Wolf

The guy with a “fuck your pasta machine” sign pretentious? Nonsense.

But seriously though the main menu is fine. That wine menu is super intimidating.



I didn’t find it too difficult. If you eat enough Italian, most things are recognizable. You can always ask the waitstaff. There’s also the Google Translate app, which can OCR translate.

Most things on the menu self-explain themselves. E.g.: carciofi alla giudia says on the next line “violetta artichokes”.

My comment would be that there’s nothing particularly interesting to me on the menu, lots of stuff I’ve seen before, though I’m sure it’s all executed really well and tastes great.

I’d get the branzino, the olive oil cake, and the squash blossoms.

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I don’t eat enough Italian especially at restaurants but thanks for your advice! Might stick to Osteria Mozza for now, especially with Mother Wolf still being such a hot ticket to get.

Almost every dish on the menu is described in detail.

The wine list has the grapes, region, maker, vintage, and (where there is one) appellation. That’s more than many places. A Roman restaurant with no Cesanese, hmm.

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