Navigating where to eat. . .depending on the traffic in LA

Being that I’m in San Diego, we don’t have the horrific traffic like you all up the 5 North but every time I watch that classic SNL skit ‘The Californians’ seems to nail it on talking about short cuts, time of day to get to certain places in LA…
Love when Stuart says ‘That’s almost in Long Beach’ . . . ; )

Do you all decide where to go, after you figured out that the traffic isn’t so bad?
Or you just say F*ck it!

I don’t drive between 5-7. Usually works out OK.


I mostly take the subway.



Meaning, nothing stops me. If there’s somewhere I want to go, then I go. Traffic or no traffic, regardless of the time of day or night.

Living in San Pedro, there’s not a helluva lot going on around here food-wise (at least, not yet) So I just suck it up and make the trip to wherever.

Calabasas to SGV to OC and everything in between. It’s all game for me.

Good A/C, something to drink, a fresh pack of cigs, and a bank of music to listen to while driving. It’s all good. LOL


depending on the traffic,
it is entirely possible to be stuck forever if you adhere to a 'F*CK IT" approach.


I’m with you @Novelli Angelino’s just whine too much about the traffic.
And now Waze is shaving buckets of time from my excursions.


This. Traffic just isn’t very bad at 7:30 in most places. I have so little problem with LA traffic.

Since I traded in for a 10 minute commute, I don’t mind venturing out whenever for meals. However, I do try to stay within a 30 minute drive because I can get lazy sometimes.


Wow. . I don’t think I’ve ever heard those words uttered before in my life!

Smokes, tunes, a little something something to drink. .
Yeah, I guess I’d say f*ck it too!

I wait for the weekends or carmegeddon to travel to SGV and farther lands.


i say FUCK IT. just avoid all roads that are divisible by 5.


They’re about to open up a stop right near me. So excited!

My only issue with Waze is it has a disturbing tendency to route me across streets with many lanes of traffic at intersections without a signal lol.


ahh the ol’ “suicide lefts”. just close your eyes and hit the gas.


Drive time / traffic / parking all figure in to my calculation on where I might or might not want to eat.

I’d love to hit sawtelle more often than I do but it’s a long haul, so unless there’s other things to do over on the west side, I’m unlikely to make a special trip.

Thai BBQ express won’t win any awards but it’s a couple of blocks away and they deliver.

Of course, there are places that are distinctly worth going out of the way for and others I would never go to except that they’re convenient to a particular location.


I know that used to bug me until I realized it has already factored in how long I will have to wait to make a safe turn, and it knows that option is faster than anything else. Now I just breath deep, wait for my opening and move on.

I love driving in traffic.

It’s the only time I get to listen to the radio. And spend some quality time with my car.


eh, i’m not sure waze is any faster than google maps.

i think waze kinda defaults to moving, whereas googlemaps might have you sitting.
with all the twists and turns and small streets and hard lefts, etc. , i don’t necessarily
thinks waze gets you there any faster.

Good plan but you obviously don’t live in the Valley. Neither 101 or 134 are divisible by 5.

guess #1 X6, M
guess #2 SL 63 AMG