Nemra’s Made-up Yet Delicious Recipes

Nice . I’m going to make it this week . As my Lithuanian father said. A little bit of dis and a little bit of dat . A little bit of vinegar and dill to be added. First i must make the chicken stock . I usually make the meat stock borsch. This sounds fantastic for our hot summer evenings. Thanks


This is how our kid eats pasta sometimes lol. He fought me for the marrow bone.

So we had a nice veal shank that I simply braided until tender I’m aromatics and the next day needed a quick lunch for him and the veal stew worked well as a sauce


When I get off my ass and make an effort, magical things happen.

I learned that Eggplant Parm exists from the movie Twins as a young immigrant . Decades later I’m getting pretty good at making it myself and without the nuking.


Looks really good, I wish I liked eggplant :frowning_face:

More for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Summer Squash - pumpkin soup with lentils

ok so first of all we have all of these pepper trees apparently up north… they’re always gorgeous but i had no idea they actually grow red pepper… so take some of that and grind some for later

stop by the farm that’s been left to go to seed after visiting a winery and grab a couple because you’re bad boy for life

then you saute onion and garlic and ginger slowly, add chicken stock, add your squash and Kano has pumpkin, cook until totally smooth, puree with butter and cream or milk… add some separately cooked lentils and red pepper


Ok so maybe it’s not made up and one of the most traditional Armenian things from the Karabagh area where my folks are all from.

In pics

It’s my dads favorite food and one of those things where the result is more than the sum of its parts

Food of gods


Ooo!! What’s the combo of herbs?

Red basil, scallion, cilantro and tarragon are mandatory. The dill is optional


I’m out then. What’s it called btw? What’s the bread name? Did you make it? What’s the cheese? Okay, basically tell us everything.

Lavash and feta but you can’t customize. It’s the law of Armenians lol.

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Uzbek Plov with lamb and loaded up with aromatic spices (no heat)

In steps

Learned a lot. Will do better 2nd time and will make the requisite tomato, onion side salad


Your photos always make me so hungry…


Took the plov show on the road (Ojai) and the second episode came out much better. Got to have family try as well this time and they were really into it. We lived in Uzbekistan in the 80s you see

I’ll write the steps out today

Avocado bonus


Liking the avocado supplement…

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Holy Cau with the two heads on garlic… WHOLE…


Hahaha. That’s a lot of rice tho plus when you slow cook it the flavor is just so muted