Neopolitan Pizza

So… we got to try Roberta’s at their popup this weekend

And it was quite good, thought nothing mind blowing. I recall the Urban Oven years back was quite similar, they even did the bee sting thing.

It got me thinking though that I no longer have a go to for this style, the high-hydration dough, super blistered, with creamy mozz and sparse toppings. Olio was great on 3rd, but at GCM I’m very dissatisfied with them, Mother Dough is now gone which was fantastic.

Desano is kind of a hybrid of NY style with Napoletan, not fully blistered and moist.

Romana has been our go to but it’s not quite what we’re after here also, oven is mostly gas.

Prova? Is that the move? They were quite good when they opened, hopefully still the case. But what else? What’s our best option here? Hopefully without resorting to full sit down places like Sotto.


that margherita pie looks fantastic

Desano’s is my go to right now. QPR is pretty high if you get the large.

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For what you’re looking for try Olio at GCM.

The Margherita there is outstanding. And all for under $10.

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Olio’s isn’t bad, but if given a choice, I’d pick Desanos.

I like Desano’s as well but they’re more Neapolitan than what I believe the OP is looking for.

I personally like Olio’s ‘Margherita+Plus’ with burrata in place of the mozz.


Same here, but it was always better on Third than at GCM.

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Do you enjoy Settebello?

Yes. I liked Roberta’s margherita better.

Olio on 3rd when the owner made the pies was the real deal. GCM’s is a cheap knock-off… I’ve tried them both extensively, but way more on 3rd…

right! that’s the one I was forgetting… no haven’t tried. . which location would you suggest?

Mozza2go tends to scratch that itch for me. The crust is a little different / doesn’t have that dalmatian look but I really like their pies.

I like the one is Pas more than the one in MDR. Plus, it’s easier to slip on over to Bulgarini afterwards for some dessert.


that’s very different pizza… it’s not what i think of for neopoletan

maybe that was the issue. the only Olio I had was at GCM, and it was, you know, fine… but I chalked Olio up to another overpriced GCM addition, like Eggslut. What they serve is fine, but with a 30% upcharge for location that made me cranky.

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the crust is usually limp right?

Edit: nm

I should read the whole post.

I thought the pizza at Olio at GCM was pretty darn good. Great crust, good sauce and well-balanced toppings. It was my son’s pizza, and I really, really wanted it.

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Been to both, and I actually prefer the pies at GCM. Faster, more efficient service means faster more efficient pizza in mouth, faster.

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So is it wet in the center? If so, I may pass.