New (to you) recipes

I’ve decided I need to stop making the same recipes every time I open the same cookbooks!

So here are some new things I’ve tried.

Marcella Hazan lamb chops coated in parmesan and then bread crumbs - in my case, panko
I thought the parm wouldn’t stick but it did!IMG_20170728_210523



Husband’s new favorite lamb recipe!

Since I am having a good tomato year, decided to make some new recipes using my amassing army of tomatoes!


I went to Guidi Marcello for pasta and parm and the lovely woman who works there said I was making Pasta Norma. Marcella Hazan just called it eggplant with tomatoes.

Salt the eggplant (from my garden :smiley:)


fry it


chop it


put it in the pasta sauce you are already making ( I used paste tomatoes - think it does make a difference)




Put it over spagettini, the best pasta for it, according to Ms. Hazan. I don’t peel my tomatoes, mostly 'cause I’m lazy.


What are you cooking that is new, to you at least?


Last night it was tuna Crudo with pickled watermelon and cantaloupe. Drizzled with olive oil.


Where did you get your tuna?

I am in Santa Cruz. There’s a local fishmonger that does the farmer’s markets and has fantastic fish. I had local Sand dabs couple days ago. The tuna was already sliced thin and very fresh.

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It all looks great but those lamb chops are simply fantastic! Gotta try this.

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I topped them with a tomato sauce! Let me know how yours turn out!

Wow! That looks good. We love lamb chops and always have panko and parmesan on hand. Will have to try it. What oil did you use for frying?

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I do the same thing with pork chops. Great pictures!

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I can’t remember and I went and checked the recipe and she only calls for vegetable. I keep peanut oil and grapeseed oil on hand for deep frying and neutral flavor, respectively. I think I would have used grapeseed oil.

That sounds good, too!

I love a butcher you have up there -

My husband is a Banana Slug so it’s fun to go to see what’s left of his old haunts, which is not much any longer!

Yeah Chris is a great butcher. I’m actually moving out of the area I’ll miss him and Shoppers corner.

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A good butcher is worth their weight in gold! They have the best Cotechino sausage - wish they could ship.

Hope you find a good one at your new locale!

I’m adding another new recipe! I tried making Wenchang chicken. The recipe was in Saveur magazine. I wanted to make another recipe but didn’t have the 8 cups of salt it called for so did this one instead. It was a fairly simple list of ingredients and though you start the night before, not difficult to make. You salt the chicken the night before, then boil it for 10 minutes, leave it for an hour in the hot water, then plunge it in ice water. Then baste it with sesame oil and sprinkle with white pepper. I was not prepared for how amazing it would taste!

Pulling it out of boiling water.



Cool for 10 seconds a side in ice bath.


top with oil


You put some of the cooking water, now chicken broth, including fat (though we had very very little fat in water) into cooked rice and also into a sauce you make to put over chicken. Made for an amazing meal!!



With the pork, I just bake with the panko cheese mix and spray a little Pam on the foil.

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That’s an impressive use of tongs to remove the chicken. I usually just stick a wooden spoon in the cavity, send a quick prayer to the food goddess, and hold on for dear life while lifting.


That was my husband’s handiwork. I just tried to get a photo while staying out of harm’s way! He has experience working them from the bbq.



Correction!! I made pasta alla norma last night and I used grapeseed oil. It smoked at the temperature I fried at last time, which was 380 f. So I must have used peanut oil!

I definitely had to keep the temp lower to keep it from smoking while I fried the eggplant, so next time will go back to the peanut.

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Thanks! Peanut oil is more expensive but it’s so worth it for frying.

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I get mine at Smart and final - has the best price, but I don’t shop Costco, so that might be cheaper.