NOREE THAI on Beverly (from Chef Pia and Chef Fern of Luv2Eat)

Great news, Chef Pia and Chef Fern of Luv2Eat are opening a new Thai spot on Beverly called NOREE THAI on May 2nd!

Waked by tonight and they are going to have most of the luv2eat classic but special menu as well including lamb and salmon dishes.

It’s right across the street from Erewhon on beverly (next to the grove).

Going to be epic!!



That site seems fake.

I love Fern and Pla’s cooking! From what I understand each place will have a handful of specialties that is unique to that location.

Also some piece of shit vandalized the new place

It’s the legit site, it’s linked to from All those stock photos and lorem ipsum text indicate a work in progress. They’re using a tool or service that created a dummy site and have not yet replaced it their own content.

7669 Beverly Blvd, (former Nakkara), 323.937.3100

I hope their expanding into a neighborhood suffering upscale-demographics syndrome doesn’t lead to a decline in quality at the original. I’ve seen that happen to an awful lot of good places over the years.

appears to be a wordpress template.

DUUUUUDE… this is walking distance… there’s another spot called The Thai Thing opening right by us but i am not excited about it… this i’m excited about… wanted thai yesterday and driving to luv2eat was too far with peak traffic… this will be great.

walking distance from me too, going opening night tomorrow night for sure!

oh whaaat? already opening? this is good stuff

haha that site is funny

opens tonight, I will report back


You sure? I thought the vandalism is delaying opening?

Talked to Chef Pia outside 2 nights ago and that’s what she said. Walked by last night and looked like they were just finishing set up… so I want to say yes for tonight.

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Doesn’t take long to remove paint from a window.

The bigger question is why anyone would want to go on opening night.

cuz i’m hungry and it’s like a 4 minute walk lol


So walked by tonight to go and they weren’t open. Bob you got me

(Although Fia told me two nights ago they would be open tonight :confused:

Same I tried to go for dinner and everything was closed :frowning: Had some great Ta-eem up the road though.

Hopefully they open soon, but I’ll be sure to call next time.

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sorry for the wrong information… I was thinking of hitting ta-eem myself but just had a pargiot plate the other day :slight_smile:

I went and got a burger at Golden State myself.


Not a bad choice! Pargiot was damn delicious today, my fall back is usually Ta-eem or tasty noodle house around that area.

Been really wanting to try out Jaffa too.

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My intel was pretty solid but after you seemed so sure I let it go.

They keeping up quality? That has been my favorite for a decade but haven’t been going much. Just burger at home now when craving.