NY Times' 2021 Restaurant List

Pearl River Deli and the Anchovy Bar are two of the best places I’ve eaten in the past year, but the Marshall Store? Hell, no.

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Long time lurker. Since no one else has grabbed the mic yet, F’in bravo all FTCer supporters!

AFAIC, Mini Kabob and PRD are on this freekin’ most prestigious list bc of all you awesome fellow food heads.

Major big ups to a few names; J Lee, Euno/DC, Matt Kang and all those that journey out to follow the FTC-“bat signal” every day and week.

Go LA Food scene!!!


On a sidenote, I got the N/Naka bento box during COVID and it was highly disappointing. I’d love to try their new izakaya place or actually go to the restaurant, but similar to Spoon by H, the bento boxes did not leave a great impression (Spoon by H was incredible in person. sad.)

will definitely be curious to try mini kebob however.

Mini Kabob is worth the trip. The food is delicious and the folks couldn’t be nicer. I’d be shocked if you didn’t want to support the place once you’ve interacted with them and tasted their food. It’s special.


Pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Hannibal’s Kitchen in Charleston, SC. For a city that’s gentrifying away its AA neighborhoods and communities (RIP Martha Lou’s), it’s good to see this particular place get some shine.

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Why no Marshall Store?

I don’t feel strongly. Liked the bbq oysters but expensive and a zoo.

Crowded, no reservations, can’t drink on the premises, illegal roadside drinking area is gross and unsafe, no accessible bathroom (which is why no drinking on the premises). Bottom line, their hospitality is shit.

Why would anyone put up with that when Tony’s is half a mile away?

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always packed on weekends unfortunately

Yeah I don’t disagree. Only went once on a road trip. It was chaos.

Will check out Tony’s, thanks for the heads up.

I love Hannibal’s kitchen. Its the kind of place that might scare away a certain diner who expects certain niceties but at the end of the day can you say not to crab rice and smothered pork chops? Happy to see them acknowledged on the list.


Excited to hear you went. Charleston used to have a lot of soul food restaurants with Gullah elements, to the point where we’d go to one for limas with tails and neckbones, another for turkey wings etc etc. But there aren’t too many Gullah focused restaurants left. Bertha’s, which I love, has gotten a lot of attention recently, Beard award specifically, and rightfully so. Otherwise it’s BJ Dennis and Amethyst Ganaway maintaining/reclaiming traditions and pushing Charleston cuisine forward.



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