[NYT] How to Get Ketchup From a Bottle Without the Wait, Watery Goo and Splatter

I can’t think of the last time I saw ketchup in a bottle in a restaurant. Seems like they’re all in plastic, squeeze ‘bottles.’ Positioned opening down.

How about at home?

I’ve got the same at home. BUT the only thing we use ketchup for is an ingredient for ‘cocktail sauce.’

I have this one in the fridge . Problem solved .

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I can taste the plastic in those bottles.

Same with bottled water, which is why I only buy glass bottled water (when I do buy bottled water, which is rare).

I’m not sure I’ve seen water bottled in glass. ???

AND have you tried a blind test?

And are the bottles of ketchup glass bottles?

So many questions :smile:

Interesting. So you buy that kinda ‘stuff’? SoCal is so different than NorCal.

Funny, but the last time I bought glass bottled Evian was up in the CVS on the outskirts of the Tenderloin.

I like that . My palate is muted .

I must admit that I live in a rarefied world where I don’t buy bottled water. I live in that whole hippie dippy world where I’m doing my teensy part to save the planet.