Pearl River Deli - Chinatown

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Ah yeah! Lion’s head (獅子頭) FTW…


I’m a week away from finally visiting my old neighborhood. PRD, of course, is on the list of places to eat. What is the sit-down situation for PRD and the plaza in general?

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They have a handful of unreserved tables set right outside the restaurant for customers. They’re not that big though, so watch out because you’ll want order OOE.


Thank you. What is order OOE?

Due to logistics, ordering take-away isn’t optimal.

Are the picnic tables and outdoor seating (upstairs) in the plaza still around?

OOE = One Of Everything. I’m not sure if the picnic tables are still upstairs, but it seems like most of the other restaurants have tables and seating reserved for their own outdoor eating situations.


Last time I was there the picnic tables we still upstairs. Good call that’s a pro move, not too many go up there


Here we goooo!


Do you remember seeing chairs? That’s the deal with the tables outside of Howlin’ Ray’s - tables still there but no chairs. Another tip @tdonline is to go early.

I find that it’s easier to achieve those OOE goals if I remain standing throughout the entire meal.



There’s usually 2 tables right outside PRD that you can sit and eat at if they’re not taken,

I don’t remember seeing the picnic tables upstairs the last time I was there, just reserved tables for lao tao customers. they do have those orange high top tables overlooking the courtyard, but you’ll have to stand.

the los angeles state historic park is nearby if you want to picnic.

another option, if you don’t mind taking a short drive, is to drive to the row dtla. free parking and plenty of shaded and spaced out tables.

added bonus you might meet little @TheCookie and @TheArchie


IIRC it’s benchs upstairs. Hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong

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Besides, in the spirit of Stephen Chow cosplay, one can easily BYOFC (bring your own folding chair) to PRD and get away with it. In addition to using it as one of the top weapons, one can also use it as a seat (admittedly one of the more unorthodox uses of a folding chair).


Picture stolen off the interweb

Great idea. So pleasant. And there’s my girl!

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that was the case in the before times, they were removed during covid, are they back now?

Hah I think of that when I see that long unused table at HR.

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I thought so but I could be mis remembering

Or you can always do this: Car Tray

(Pic is not of PRD, this is Cream Pan’s katsu curry)