Pearl River Deli - Chinatown

Cannot fathom waiting until Sunday… It’s just too much given I’m craving it right now. but will come after 1pm Saturday. Thanks for the advice lol.


You guys seemed pretty busy so I didn’t say hi. The logistics issue was a little disappointing, but loved what I did receive and your staff was courteous about it.

Hainan Chicken and Shroom Chow Fun

Loved the texture - gelatinously smooth skin, silky meat, and deceptively simple, flavorful broth. Sauces were well-balanced (not Mcdonaldized sweet). Nice tart cucumber pickles and jie lan for balance.

Going to make a nice set of meals for the next few days.


Picked up and ate some while standing up outside. Really nice and juicy and fatty/favorable pork all around. I’ll be back!




Apologies for the mixup, let us make it up to you next time you’re gonna come thru!


Chicken was perfect - moist, well seasoned, bouncy skin. Chicken broth was hauntingly chicken-y. The sauces were a standout.

Very tough to achieve the proper mouthfeel with that rice - rich but not at all greasy. You nailed it.

Kudos. Big step up from Side Chick days IMO.


Dang it, I missed this Hainan drop. Is this possibly the best iteration of Hainan chicken rice in SoCal?

Still some available.


SoCal, definitely. Can’t think of a better iteration I’ve tasted in the U.S. though I can’t say I’ve performed an exhaustive search. I‘m a fan of Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland though more for its Thai style sauce. The chicken and rice technique aren’t up to PRD’s level.

Some background on Mr. Lee for the curious:

2016 Eater LA Side Chick piece
More JLee chicken porn - GoldThread


Just to add a note on Mr. Lee; the other night I tried my first attempt at Hainan chicken rice. I posted on the Home Cooking board and @JLee almost immediately gave me excellent advice. I was humbled to have such a chef give me personal tips. We are lucky to have him as a member of this board, and I wish him great success. That said late next week I am going for the pork chop sandwich - and the char siu. Like most Valley denizens I hate driving to downtown, but if there were ever a time to do it it is now. Silver lining, however dim, in these cloudy times.


I’m glad to hear, I was never happy with the compromises we had to make at Sidechick because we were in a mall and we weren’t allowed to run out of food and we had to keep the price lower (pressure from owners). Keeping it limited and producing it on a smaller scale meant I could fine tune the finer details like fry the shallots instead of using pre-made, personally cook every chicken myself, use fresh lime juice for the chili sauce instead of bottled.


I tried to order some earlier in the week when it was first announced and was told that they were sold out. Oh well.

Where are the Hainan chicken pics??? !!!

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Ew. Glad you are finding more freedom to pursue your vision now!