PHO Beverly Hills/Westwood/West Hollywood

Can anyone recommend a decent Vietnamese/Pho Place in Beverly Hills/Westwood/West Hollywood/East of 405/North of 10?

I guess Saigon Pearl and NongLA is what we got. Both average and very pricy. I’d definitely just go for Bun Rieu or Bun Bo Bue at NongLA over pho

9021Pho in BH

Decent is all you’ll get:
Phorage on overland

Check before going – I believe that 9021Pho has just closed.

Yep… have you had the bahn mi at either?

Once when Nong la opened and vowed to never do it again.

Okay, I’ll stop beating around the bush. In the mood for a sandwich. :slight_smile: Where do you go in Mid-City / Miracle Mile? Olsen’s is closed, don’t feel like wading thru Mid-City Deli’s big menu. Thanks!

i mean yea, try the 12$ banh mi maybe you’ll like it… it’s pretty basic. nothing weird or bad about it . maybe
Uncle Paulie’s Deli for a sandwich? i guess i dont really do the sandwich thing much… labels deli has a groupon on always so that’s like 2 sandwiches for 10$…

i know a good sandwich… go down pico and right after fairfax you’ll see a cemitas truck parked… that’s one hell of a sandwich :slight_smile:

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I’m not a big sandwich eater myself, but every now and then I get a hankering for something good on a roll. We don’t have a lot in this area. Thanks for the recs!

Is it Cemitas Poblano? They have a truck Pico & Fairfax.

I hope so because I want this :slight_smile:…


Way off-topic. I was going back and forth and thought this was the Daily Sandwich thread. :slight_smile: